Offer 2: The 5-D Heart Matrix

Offer 2: The 5-D Heart Matrix


2 Payment Option Available

Each class uses new teachings of the Divine Matrix and shows us how it can be used to expand and grow our own interactive relationship with our personalized divine inner circle.

The 5-D Heart Matrix classes.

Whenever we come together as a group in like-minded consciousness, willing to work with the sacred heart and the divine Matrix, we create an energy field of the highest vibrational levels of healing, manifesting, activating dormant DNA, and soul alignment. This continues to ripple out into the universe allowing ourselves to awaken and expand while unconsciously giving others permission to do the same.

These are some of the topics covered in the 5 classes:

  • Using the sacred heart and activating the inner circle.  We receive help in transforming an emotion. That emotion that continues to create separation and trigger a looping cycle.
  • Drop into the inner circle to create a healing using a spin technique to raise the vibration and changes the illusion of separation.
  • Use the Matrix to perceive / receive through your strongest Clair ability, a message, or guidance on a question or concern.
  • Clear ancestral energies that may still be limiting you in some way, and to embrace all the ancestral gifts and abilities available, even if they couldn’t or didn’t use them.
  • Drop into the inner circle and activate the pearl of wisdom.