MASTERS SPEAK in ME as Light Waveforms of ONENESS Consciousness – Monthly Teachings

MASTERS SPEAK - Monthly Teachings


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Welcome to an Infinite Interaction of Infinite Master Energies in Strands of Light Intelligences as they transmit from many Dimensional Realms

The Infinite Masters will be waiting for you to settle into the STILLNESS and quietly

Breathe IN to become Aligned and Attuned to your Inner Soul Light Presence…

Golden Light Energies will begin pouring within you building you into higher vibrations of Light Consciousness during the first hour of Teachings and then an elevating Activation.

This Month you will be opening your internal Gateway of Communications allowing more cosmic intelligence, more stepping into the Eternal presence to be a part of you.

You will tap into the REALITY of building the Bridge to Infinite Grid Systems of Communication that can be Integrated from deep within your Inner Heart Chakras receiving Light quotients of Plasma Light Particles from your Accelerated Higher Minds.

Nora, your Teachings are Amazing, the marvel to discover the direct connection of the Soul to the Masters through simplicity and unity!

Thank You so much Nora….I have to say I have learned so much through this experience of your Divine Activations tonight… you are absolute awesome!