Offer 2: JUSTBEME Introduction Course

Offer 2: JUSTBEME Introduction Course


2 Payment Option Available

NoraWalksInSpirit, invites in the Infinite Masters through STILLNESS, then speaks in Light Languages that clears and amplifies your Aura Fields; then clears the Mind, Heals the Body of any blocked Chakras.  Sessions will include answering your questions, releasing interrupting Blocks or Fears as well as Activating any Gifts that appear to be hidden ready to be revealed for your Divine Soul Light Journey. Divine LOVE LIGHT Vibrations will be poured and completely Sealed during a profound Activation.

Nora, you and your Masters are AMAZING SO AMAZING, so Energetically, Spiraling Uplifting, Shifting my entire body, I simply can’t thank you enough!

***Thank You so much Nora….I have to say I have learned so much through this experience of your Divine Activations… you are absolute awesome!