Package A: Infinite Master Alignment & Activation 60 mins

Package A: Personal One Hour Infinite Master Session


2 Payment Option Available

NoraWalksInSpirit begins all her Sessions with the Highest Vibrations of STILLNESS

The Light Languages spoken will be delivered during the Healing/Teachings.

To begin each Session Nora and the Infinite Masters will scan the Body and actively cleanse/clear/purify all Outer Aura Fields and Inner Chakras of the body.

A Teaching and understanding of Clearing low Vibrations trapped in the body and mind will be expressed and released. The Masters will then deliver what the client requests in Healing or Activating of Spiritual Gifts. A beautiful LOVE Essence Vibration will be poured into the Activation to completely Seal the profound Knowledge that will be delivered.

Nora, you and your Masters are AMAZING SO AMAZING, so Energetically, Spiraling Uplifting, Shifting my entire body, I simply can’t thank you enough!