Dragon Sacred Heart Quantum Activation Program

4 Week Recorded Activations + Bonus

Dragon Sacred Heart Quantum Activation Program


2 Payment Option Available

Do you feel your heart needs to clear some karmic and ancestral layers? 

Do you want to be clear of your soul’s purpose? 

Trust your guidance? 

And get clear on your relationship?

Feeling heartbroken or grief getting to you?

*90-minute Group Recordings

*Group Heart Mentoring

*Understanding the blocks and activations

*Receiving Light Language Energy Codes

These energy codes are designed to assist your heart to regain that reconnection, so that you can be clear of your soul’s heart purpose, your relationship path, strengthen your heart, and create healthy “love” boundaries.  

Week 1: Money Block Removals & Money Activations

We will work with the Dragons to clear karmic and ancestral energy patterns related to vows of poverty, “not having enough”, feeling financially limited.

& Goddess Lakshmi & Dragons will provide money activations.

Week 2: Relationship Heartbreaks & Heart Activations

We will work with Dragons to clear layers of heartbreaks from this lifetime and past lifetimes, and vows of celibacy.  Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary will provide heart activations to expand your heart into self-love.

Week 3: Sacred Heart Activation

Receive Ascended Masters & Divine Mother energy codes to get your upper and lower hearts to work in more harmonious flow and reconnect with the higher aspect of the heart, your sacred heart.  Archangel Michael Heart Purpose Activation. Enrich your relationship with your guides, your higher self, and increase your heart-trust energy.

Week 4: Sacred Heart Temple Initiation

Receive a sacred heart initiation from Ascended Masters Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Kuan Yin in a Sirius sacred heart temple.

Special Bonus Transmission

This Bonus transmission is with the ascended masters to minimize the harmful effects of the vaccination whether received directly or indirectly after being around others with the vaccination.  This also includes additional booster shots being planned in the future.   This recording also includes transmission to quantum strengthen your immune system to combat against other viruses including COVID