Package 2: Light Family Connection – Audio Package

Package 2: Light Family Connection – Audio Package


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Our Light Family is all around us, but many people don’t see it. They are close and intimate friends that have unconditional love for everyone, even when they are unseen and unacknowledged. But we can start to see them, feel their presence and hear their words, which are words of love, peace and compassion.

Through these recordings you can get two know two facets from your guidance realms: Archangel Michael, and Cosmic Beings from the Pleiades. When you get familiar with their voices, you can also start to recognize them on an inner level. Especially Archangel Michael has been so close to the heart of many, but often unrecognized. By accessing the guidance realms, you feel loved unconditionally, supported, safe and protected.

The Pleadians are highly evolved cosmic beings who help us on this journey of connection and expression. And Archangel Michael is there to give us that feeling of natural protection so we can open our Heart. Enjoy these audio transmissions from workshop recording, especially selected from a large collection of recordings to give you the best possible experience.

Item 1: Learning to Hear Guidance (20mins)

Format MP3 + webplayer

How can we truly hear and follow our guidance? And why do people miss or mishear the words from their guides?  Beliefs and patterns of thinking can be like filters that block or distort the words and energies from our guides. You can’t fully hear your guides when you listen with your logical mind.

In this beautiful transmission, Archangel Michael helps you to attune to your guidance realms. You can learn to hear guidance by recognizing the voices from your Light Family. They invite you to connect with your Heart and to receive their unconditional love.

Your Light Family invites you to let go of linear thought, and to allow their assistance in manifesting from your Heart. They help you to get in touch with your Heart Creations by encouraging you to speak your Truth.

Item 2: Deep Womb Journey with the Pleiadians (28mins)

Format: mp3 + webplayer

The Pleiadian Beings come in and offer a high vibration of light in words and Light Language. They share how you too can speak Light Language and help you to raise your vibration. They offer a deep heart connection and a womb journey, leading you into a healing process.

This process gives a purification that happens in multiple dimensions simultaneously. These dimensions start to reflect the beautiful energy of your true self. The Pleiadians take you to the moment before we forgot ourselves, so that we remember everything. There you can relax in the arms of the Divine Feminine, giving you Unconditional Love.

Item 3: Pleiadian Attunement for Integration (16mins)

Format: mp3 + webplayer

It can be challenging to keep our feet on the ground when we Raise our vibration and enter the Higher Dimensions.  This track is excellent for listening to before going into channeled messages. I will guide you to attune different energy centers in your body and also to integrate parts such as the Inner Child.