Package 1: Ascension and Awakening Journey – Video Package

Package 1: Ascension and Awakening Journey - Video Package


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How can we awaken from the mind-based sense of self, to go beyond its limitations? When we identify with our mind, we feel dependent on the outside world. Whether it’s finances, family, status, body image or beliefs, any change can give us anxiety. This is the identity of the old paradigm, based on lack and fear.

To awaken we expand our consciousness and let go of the thoughts and beliefs of the old paradigm. The Lemurian and Pleaidian energy is like a warm bath that you step in to on this journey. This connection with your light family greatly assists you on your awakening journey, by reassuring you and bringing you back into your Heart.

These transmissions also help you to clear any remnants of the old paradigm that might still be manifest in your life situation. These can be old contracts, karmic agreement and (religious) vows. By understanding the nature of these energies, and clearing them from your field, you truly step into the New Paradigm of the Heart.

Item 1: Awakening Healing Circle (based on the Awakening card from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle)

Workshop Recording

Format: MP4 + Webplayer

Michiel talks about how awakening experiences can be gentle or sudden, and how they can change our lives. We start to notice the undercurrent of presence with all experience, and we get in touch with our True Self. From that depth we don’t get hooked into thoughts and emotions so easily.


We do an introductory guided meditation with Archangel Michael. Know that you are not alone, breathe in light and relax into the journey. Your higher levels don’t have any expectations about how things should turn out. Everything is seen from a space of unconditional love.


We then focus on the Awakening Card. Leanne and Michiel had a deep healing during the creation process of this card. It was originally a pastel which we combined with light language.


The true meaning of Awakening is not to be confused with beliefs or knowing something about the external world. It’s about the consciousness beneath the conceptual mind. Leanne talks about the work of increasing ones self-awareness of aspects that get triggered, in order to understand and heal those aspects.


We then go into a deep guided meditation, and Pleiadian beings of light come through. We do light language and play the Crystal Harp. A time for deep relaxation.

Item 2: Blessings Healing Circle (Based on the ‘Blessings beyond the Soul Path’ card from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle

Workshop Recording

Format: MP4 + webplayer

A celebration of the New Paradigm, letting go of division and separation, and embracing a new clarity which is loving and discerning. We receive blessings which are beyond the soul path, with its old contracts and karmic agreements. In surrendering and releasing these old energies, we get in touch with our true nature which is whole and holistic.

This card helps us in making the transition to the new paradigm in all aspects and areas. The old paradigm told us that we needed to suffer in order to deserve our blessing. We are leaving this behind as we realize our blessed natural state.

We are looking at love, gratitude and forgiveness as aspects of the blessing. These come forward strongly in a surrender to the Divine, where we are guided to divert our energy away from the old paradigm, no longer partaking in old energy dynamics.