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Lemurian Starchild Oracle Deck

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This deck of 88 cards offers unique practical and esoteric guidance. Let the loving care from the Pleiadians and the Lemurians help you to connect to your Higher Self and your Light Family. Your Higher Self has been waiting to be fully embodied on Earth, and your Light Family are the angels and guides that help you to realize this.

Your Pleiadian and Lemurian light family is especially coming forward through this work to reconnect you to the Eden State on Earth and on other planets. Remember this universal truth and let your True Self shine with the help of the the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Deck!

Reading the texts connects you to the Lemurian Starchild Vibration, which helps you to

  • identify relevant issues
  • raise your vibration
  • connect to elemental and cosmic beings
  • connect to dolphins and whales
  • connect to Lemurian guides
  • resonate with Lemurian Wisdom
  • go beyond the linear mind to connect with the Heart

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle is a deck of 88 beautiful golden edged cards and a 340 page guidebook. It comes in a lovely sturdy ‘top and bottom’ box. The cards are made of top quality 400gsm card and they are matt finished.