Remembering Sophia -Divine Feminine Rising + Deep Dive into Temple Arts

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Remembering Sophia -Divine Feminine Rising + Deep Dive into Temple Arts


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Calling all the Holy Women! Are you here to anchor the Divine Feminine rising? Ready for another level? Have you been asking how to connect more deeply with your soul level mission? Join us, as we are all Sisters of the Rose, for this beautiful immersion into the ancient temple arts with Divine Mother Sophia!
This 4 day deep dive immersion with temple arts wisdom teachings, light code activations and Sophia Shakti embodiment practices is presented with joy and loving service by Merissa Indigo, Level 4 Dove oracle priestess. She heard the call to provide a quantum container full of archetypal Divine Feminine forces to support your DNA activation and Soul activation of these aspects as they awaken from slumber. The 2nd half of 2022 we are on an expedited trajectory to the December Soulstice point! Many have felt these stirrings calling us to amplify, to remember more of who we are.
These 4 days of pure power, community connection and wisdom are a combination of activation and clearing, connecting with various archetypes of the Divine Feminine as you will see outlined below, holy womb chakra activation, some awesome Holy Woman history and various aspects of temple arts. This is another level of using the Resurrection codes of your inner holy woman, priestess, alchemist, to then kick on your unique Mandala DNA/Codons to assist your access to the Revelation process of your personal Akash.

What to expect:
Each class we will do an activation, embodiment practice, and learn about fascinating historical aspects of Divine Mother, the codes hidden in plain sight of our body and more to awaken dormant DNA memory triggers which will initiate new avenues for you, your process, gifts and abilities, and beyond. It is all inside, we just have to embody the frequency to activate and initiate. The class presentation is followed by a cosmic q&a where we will be shown temple arts to unify our inner sight and Merissa will be in the Dove oracle state to explore, reveal and share information together.

If you are new to this Divine Feminine Rising journey you will receive much to witness, digest and activate, and the same is true if you have been on this path for a while. There are always more layers, you are the ever unfolding Rose.
This is a powerful container to support your Sacred Remembering on deeper levels than ever before and embody the various aspects of your muse to work with their teachings and expand, expand, expand your frequency, consciousness and impact. We have been guided to schedule this to work with the portal of the Equinox (Autumn in the North, Spring in the South) to clear out old timelines and initiate or activate “new” ones which have been waiting. Each class will build upon the energy of the material of the class preceding it.
Note* Recordings/Replays on demand will be available too within 24 hrs of each class.

BONUS: Signing up for this class includes several bonuses to support you: The Rose Codes book, The Dahlia Mandala book, guided meditation activation mp3 download with Archangel Ariel, St Joan of Arc & the Lyrans, and the Holy Women Sophia Rose sisterhood circle webinars Merissa hosted on NEO. Feel free to read these books for the codes, listen to the meditation and watch the webinars on demand before we gather to prepare to go deeply, release, rebirth and make the most of this immersion.

  • Class 1 Sophia The Rose ~Thursday September 15th 2022 12pm to 2pm
    Opening ceremony, activation, Rose Sophia presentation w/embodiment + oracle state q&a
  • Class 2 The Honey Bee ~Friday September 16th 2022 12pm to 2pm
    Opening ceremony, activation, Melissae Pleiades Oracle presentation w/embodiment + oracle state q&a
  • Class 3 The Serpent Kundalini Saturday September 17th 2022 12pm to 2pm
    Opening ceremony, activation, Serpent Power Dakini presentation w/embodiment + oracle state q&a
  • Class 4 The Sword & Crystalline Chalice ~Sunday September 18th 2022 12pm to 2pm
    Closing ceremony, activation, Chalice Wells/St Joan of Arc presentation w/embodiment + oracle state q&a


  • Transmitter/receiver crystals: You will need a clear quartz point and a black crystal like hematite or tourmaline/Tibetan quartz which have never been used for anything else before.
  • Create an altar space to connect with Sophia, fresh flowers for the altar or at the least a candle lit for class to add ceremonial depth for your experience.
  • Watch the NEO Holy Women Sophia Rose circle webinar replays to experience the activations and being clearing more layers.
  • Journal & pen or markers for notes, codes