Remembering Solaria ~Your guide to Solar activity, Spaceweather & Ascension Energy

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Remembering Solaria ~Your guide to Solar activity, Spaceweather & Ascension Energy


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Lately the Sun has become more of a central figure in our daily lives, whether it’s the solar flares, the shifting from gold to white, the lightcodes raining down. We are being called to remember Solaria…

Are you finding yourself suddenly drawn to the Sun or Grand Central Sun? Perhaps you have always been a Sun worshipper and are noticing a shift in the intensity of the Sun’s rays. Or maybe you are just starting to get into the Sun. Perhaps you’ve been hearing more and more about the solar flares and subsequent physical body upgrades as we are suffused with plasma. How does the rise in solar activity and space weather in general affect humanity? How is it affecting and even expediting the ascension process?

Did you know that the Ancients thought of our sun as a Trinity Source Being which beams out lightcodes of divine consciousness at precise cosmic moments for our harmonic evolution? The Ancient cosmic Maya shared much code about the Sophia Christ balance of divine feminine and divine masculine consciousness in the Sun. They even kept a detailed galactic calendar of cosmic and solar cycles to predict and track the ascension process for all of humanity and our entire sector of the Universe! The Maya called this solar knowingness Kin Ahau, which has a similar vibration in translation to “our heavenly, cosmic golden crystalline Source Creator/parents.” In this course I will also share a 9 year vision plan gifted to us by the Law of Time Mayan Galactic calendar system which demonstrates the solar cycles and various energy currents beaming in for our global ascension from 2020 to 2029.

The Ancient Ones of pure Egypt, India, Tibet, and the cosmic Maya are several cultures which left behind deep mystery school teachings in codes through myths, artwork and song for us to remember our place in the Sun, as Suns! Even the physical practices of Yoga are to connect us with the Divine forces in the Sun and Moon through our own lightbody. All in Divine Time, which is Now as we watch the Solar flares pop off and the Aurora Borealis dance all across this sacred Earth!

You may be surprised to learn how we are impacted as electromagnetic beings by these blasts of photonic light at multiple levels of life from spiritual to emotional, relational, mental, and physical too! If you have been interested in the Sun and how to work with it for our ascension journey this course gives a great overview and various lenses or dimensions as launching points to really enjoy expanding into a cosmic citizen here. This wisdom will empower you and can be very useful for your family, community, friends, and animals too as we all navigate these intense photonic light blasts together. We will also go in depth on various types of rays/particles and how they can affect our upgrades and creativity process.
We are gradually going more quantum and less linear and thus our schedules, lifestyles are shifting to accommodate this. We have down days to integrate the rays and up days where we can accomplish in a few days what would take a month. Welcome to the quantum Solarian waves of being, flowing with the Solar activations! It’s quite a ride.

What to expect:

All Gold, All the Time! This is the phrase that came through from the Soular Rishi in June as the solar flares were going off. For this mastery empowerment course will come together and have an opening energy attunement, then share a presentation all about the spaceweather and what has been going on with solar flares, how to work with these rays as a cosmic citizen, solar charging the body, as well as review causes and effects from a multidimensional perspective. We will be deeply exploring various waves of cosmic activity, the magnetosphere, the Aurora Borealis, even including the Schumann resonance frequencies and how all this connects to our nervous system/lightbody complex.

By exploring what the Sun’s activations are doing on a macrocosmic level we begin to see the atomic shifts within as all is in divine resonance with the Law of One. From macro to micro we are a part of this cosmic evolution into the Golden Age. We will review the teachings of Ancient cultures who are star family to begin to connect the consciousness of the Solar Source forces for ascension with all the shifts happening here on Earth. The more wisdom we reclaim as Ancient Ones here now as explorers, mystics, scientists and creators, remembering our Solarian aspects and Golden destiny, the more empowered and fun our journey can become as conscious stewards.

We will share a deep dive into the Solarian codex of wisdom which spans multiple cultures here throughout our history. Then we will proceed into the Aurora Borealis Solarian activations.

We are highlighting the importance of knowing ourselves SO fully on an atomic, physical level and being aware of daily or weekly spaceweather habitually like we already do watch regional/local Earth weather as a foundation for self-fulfilled, self-actualized divine sovereignty. By being tuned in we can be more prepared for the influxes of light which can present us with “challenges” for growth as they stimulate our psychology, emotions, behavior patterns, energy levels and more.

Know thyself, know the local weather; how its influenced by the spaceweather and thus be equipped to surf the cosmos as a centered, empowered, sovereign being.

After the presentation we will do more activations with the Solar Rishi to activate the Solarian codes within and learn to work with the Aurora Borealis beams of information.

We will end with some q & a

  • Learn awesome spaceweather happenings, how to track major solar events, and how it all ties into our daily lives like breaking old programs/beliefs down, physical ascension experiences, relationships, even gardening cycles with the Farmer’s Almanac and more.
  • Transcending feeling small or vulnerable to global evolutionary shifts to feeling empowered through being connected and informed, no longer separate from the great events. Become an active participant and feel the difference as an expanded Solarian Being!
  • A sense of connection to the greater cycles of cosmic evolution and personal stewardship of the process in your own life, community, global family etc.
  • Feel more grounded in your truth and thus energized/flexible/trusting for the journey as the Shift continues to accelerate and realities continue to shift, blur, dissolve and manifest
  • Powerpoint presentation with resources for further exploration
  • Becoming Solarian Suns Again, an activation for building Temple architecture and DNA upgrades. Use the Golden Plasma Accelerator meditation for this as a process for your journey


  • Includes Cosmic Solar Rishi MEC to get into the Solarian stream of your unique wisdom transmissions and begin to amplify with the Sun
  • Soular Rishi Ebook with activations and rituals to work with the golden crystalline Soular plasma
  • Solar Flares for Ascension resources Ebook to learn even more about the cosmic activity of our solar system and how to track the Aurora Borealis, plus more Solar charging practices and Solar DNA upgrades with the Solarian Rishi
  • Golden Plasma Accelerator activation Mp3 download
  • 9 Year Vision Mayan Galactic Calendar Pdf download