Deep Heart Healing & Divine Self Love with Master Healer Mother Mary

Deep Heart Healing & Divine Self Love with Master Healer Mother Mary


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Activate Next Level Healing Abilities for Self and Others with Master Healer Mother Mary! Holy Womb chakra activation with entire system protocol, guided instruction and audios to learn the mantra plus bonus resources to study to take this practice even more deeply for self and others. We are sharing this mystery school teaching of the deep heart lightbody technology as taught by master teacher Sri Kaleshwar.

This potent masterclass shares the ancient technology of the Holy Womb Chakra and gives you the power through this protocol to clear karma in 21 to 41 days. Through devotional mantra chanting and forgiving your human birth mother your veils of victim programming are removed to then see her with your christed heart as the template of Mother Divine. For any called to this practice as a lightworker, looking to be free of family karma & suffering, or serve the planet, the rewards are great.

Holy womb Chakra: Teachings from the Pleiades, the Rishis & the Satya Yuga

“In a time very long ago, early in human existence on this planet, life and people were very different from today. That time was called the Satya Yuga, the age of truth and enlightenment.The men and women of that time were rishis, enlightened beings with siddhic power. They were a perfect expression of humanity’s divine nature. People lived for tens of thousands of years and dedicated their lives to the welfare of society. They saw all living and non-living beings as expressions of God consciousness. They understood the reality of human incarnation as divine; their very life is an embodiment of the consciousness of God.

“The primacy of the feminine aspect of God, the Divine Mother, was understood by all. God is both Mother and Father, feminine and masculine. They worshipped the Divine Mother as the force behind all creation and reveredNature as the sublime expression of the Mother God. They recognized all of Nature as a manifestation of the Mother. Nature was their teacher. They discovered the secrets hidden inNature and learned the mysteries of creation. They dedicated their lives to meditating and connecting to God as Mother who revealed everything to them. “The Divine Mother said one body of knowledge would be especially important to enlighten humankind at the end our current dark age, the Kali Yuga. She foretold it would be the 3 knowledge humankind needed to bring anew era of truth and enlightenment. The Divine Mother instructed these ancient rishis to carefully protect and preserve this knowledge for humanity’s time of need. “This knowledge was passed on orally then later written down in palm leaf manuscripts. Over the eons that followed, these manuscripts were hidden and protected, and when the passage of time made it necessary, were copied onto new palm leaves. Copying them protected and preserved them. As the progression of ages unfolded, and humanity’s fall from divine qualities progressed, the knowledge was held by a few. Now through the Divine Mother’s grace, this knowledge was revealed to the world for the first time by Sri Kaleshwar. “

In 1997, Sri Kaleshwar introduced these ancient practices when he taught the Five Elements Process for the first time in America. He shared the practices from the palm leaves that Jesus had done, practices that rishis themselves used to awaken yogic powers and divine consciousness. “For example, The Saptarishi Channels; The Holy Womb Chakra, discovered by Vishvamitra Maharshi 7000 years ago; and Patanjali Shakti discovered by Bhrigu Maharshi.“

Perhaps the most powerful and perfect expression of the fruition of the ancient knowledge is the life of Mother Mary. Two thousand years ago, in a lifetime culminating thousands of previous lifetimes’ practice, Mary demonstrated the divine potential of every woman, creating the crystal diamond soul known as Jesus in her womb. The ancient knowledge reveals the spiritual technology of enlightening a soul in the womb. “More than anyone else, Jesus and Mary are demonstrations of what is possible for all of humankind through these practices. And some of you have learned some about this in Mother Mary Mystery Teachings..



This practice connects us directly to Father Mother god to clear our karma and support our lineages throughout time.

The Holy Womb chakra liberates us from the constraints of our perceptions and conditioning with regards to our programs of limitation: time, perceived separation from Source or poverty consciousness.

The womb chakra is beyond all chakras and is a direct link to Divine Mother’s creation capacity. For millennia, the ancient people considered the womb as the most holy place, the sacred place where life is created. In the same way, the Divine Mother creates each soul in Her universal womb chakra. This supernatural creative power of the Divine Mother is also hidden in your soul. Through your Womb Chakra you can create anything. Your Womb Chakra is your ‘creativity center’, through which you can manifest what you want in your life and in the world. It is the spark of creation in you that can make anything possible. A soul with brilliant creativity, confidence, radiance and supernatural ability has a powerful, purified Womb Chakra.