Self-Healing through Movement and Natural Vision Improvement

Blink, Breathe, Relax

Self-Healing through Movement and Natural Vision Improvement


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2 days webinar

7 Hour sessions

People need to be able to go outside with their computer or mobile phone, if possible. They will need a yoga mat, a pillow, a broomstick, 2 tennis balls and masking tape. They will need a case for their glasses or their contact lenses.

Additional December Workshop Materials: Please make the 4 pieces of paper out of colored construction paper, and to print the other charts on legal size paper, or on two sheets on letter paper. Instructions are in fulfillment email.

Benefits of this course:

  • Reduce computer eyestrain
  • Overcome the dependency on glasses
  • Improve your joint mobility
  • Prevent all back problems
  • Get rid of the negging back pain you always had
  • Overcome your headaches
  • All this with simple to do exercises. It will be entertaining and pleasurable with this webinar.
  • Taught by Meir Schneider, a world scholar in the field of natural vision improvement and self-healing through movement

I met Meir Schneider in San Francisco a long time ago. And I have used his health habits….This review is powerful and encouraging with totel eye health.   I had been told that I had Glaucoma and he explained the pressure numbers that are good eye pressures!   Rather thana ticket punched for loss of eye sight.      And the connective tissue/circulation practices keep flexibility, agility and balance.      Wonderful.      Thanks for all the intelligence! Love, Maggie Irish