Special Offer: Group Power Healing® Live Session

May’s Massive Dump Out: Remove Countless Healing Leftovers, Reveal and Embody Bright True Self, Leap Forward in Your Next Phases

Mastery Empowerment Course: Group Power Healing®

  • May’s Massive Dump Out: Remove Countless Healing Leftovers, Reveal and Embody Bright True Self, Leap Forward in Your Next Phases

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Important things to know about Ambujam’s Group Power Healing® replays and how to get the most out of them: Replays are extremely powerful and are just like attending live sessions. They work with many aspects of you at once. Treat each replay like a live session and bring your choices for healing and Spirit will work with these as well as what occurred during each session. No driving or doing anything that needs your focus while listening.

You are in a time where you’ve dug so deep, healed so much and are coming out of the dark metaphorically, physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, spiritually. One aspect of May’s energy is a swifter and deeper clearing-removal of your old energies from all the healing you’ve been doing so you can more deeply be who you are in your next levels. May’s momentum and shedding energies catapults you forward in your personal healing, awakening and creating your outer life changes.

This session accelerates your dumping out removal process, reveals/opens up/embodies your brighter self underneath it all and leaps you forward in the new energies easier-faster:

  • Dump out, remove and shed countless layers of your old self, the left over energetics and echos from all the healing you’ve been doing
  • Release/let go of past identities, release energetic build-up
  • Activate and embody your inner brightness/true self for your next levels

All you need to do is just be and this session does the rest!

  • Quickly heal and clear off your old energetics, patterns, cycles, past life, this life, multi-dimensional ways of being, related to your next levels of embodying yourself and becoming who you are
  • Upgrade energy system/mind/body/consciousness/energy bodies to embody your next levels of Self easier
  • Accelerate your healing, growth, evolution

EFFORTLESSLY heal, end and complete the old energy within that would’ve normally taken weeks, months, lifetimes NOW:

  • Activate your highest evolutionary ways of being
  • Complete/reconcile past choices no longer supporting or matching your current choices and who you are now
  • Remove energies not yours, not you
  • Release deep Soul History of emotions, beliefs, ways of being, old identities, old self, original incarnation energies
  • Align in your new up and coming phases and life changes
  • Receive specific information, empowering guidance and teachings for how to navigate your new changes, your spiritual quickening and living your highest path of deepest inner truth at this time
  • We’ll partner with the current energy activations, spiritual shifts, openings and what’s up and coming to ease your spiritual up-leveling and move you through your changes easier