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Mastery Empowerment Course: The New Frequencies of Andara Crystals

Mastery Empowerment Course: The New Frequencies of Andara Crystals


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In 1994 a friend of Lady Nellie who was a Native American Elder in California, contacted me. She had heard about my Thoth Akasha translations, and was requesting on behalf of Nellie, for any information I might be able to receive on the mysterious large boulders of glass and strange powder on Nellie’s land.

I went to Thoth and received the initial information on the Andara Crystal-Glass and the Prima Matra powder (these are the names Thoth gave me). So this is where it began.

In recent years, Thoth revealed to me the new frequencies of the Andara.

Here’s a partial transcript of the video Andra Crystal Elixirs:

In the mid 1990’s I originally received from Thoth Intelligence the information on the Andara crystals, including the name Andara.

Part of my information on this crystal glass has been circulated widely by others through the years.

The Andara crystals found on Lady Nellie’s land in California Thoth speaks of are actually in another dimension of reality. The properties of these crystals, however, are present in some man-made glass that has been found on the current sacred land site.

It is a highly unusual set of circumstances that brought this about, but when the man-made glass was buried as scrap on the land some time ago, the energy of the original crystals bled through the dimensions of time-space, and anchored into the man-made glass which we are now calling Andara crystal glass versus Andara crystal which denotes the original other dimensional parent matrix.

So all that Thoth imparts concerning this in regards to the energy dynamics of the Andara crystals also holds true, albeit to somewhat a lesser degree, for the Andara crystal glass.

It is important to note that at that time in the 1990s, Thoth predicted to me that there would be other Andara crystal glass, and even Andara crystals in the future. In other words, at the time it was only on Lady Nellie’s land. But once that energy had been activated, it would start appearing in other glass and eventually in crystal, like volcanic glass or other trash glass, and then slowly it would merge with   certain crystals in the earth and that is beginning to happen now. I have not heard reports of crystal being called Andara.  But I do know that in other regions of the world, like the Indonesia area and places like that there are some genuine frequency Andara energy coming out of certain volcanic glass. Now this brings us to another thing, and that is, anybody can claim that a piece of trash glass is an Andara. and there’s a lot of fake Andara out there being sold for big prices on the web. That’s a whole other story.

But I feel that the genuine pieces speak for themselves when you hold them when you touch them. Sometimes, even when you look at them. And there are certain persons that I know, have a special. keen sense of that, and I feel that I do as well. I’m not saying that that sense can’t be fooled. But I feel pretty confident when I sense an Andara.

This video is about Andara elixirs, and I’m going to get to that in just a moment. But before I do, I feel I need to tell you just a little bit more about what Thoth has to say concerning the Andara. Most of this information was given many years ago from a Thothic transmission in 1995.

“Andara is the name we have chosen to identify the Prima Matra crystals coming off the California land owned by Nellie Thompson. These crystals, (now he’s speaking of the original ones, and not the crystal glass) are composed primarily of prima matra heated to very high temperatures. We have related to you in the past that the first matter powders coming from this land were created by an interdimensional implosion. The land was originally seeded for prima mantra by those we call the time Walkers, in conjunction with high Devas mythologically depicted as unicorns.

When the implosion occurred, the seed material was heated not only to very high levels, but in a contained hyperfield, which is created by 2 or more dimensions touching a hyperfield forms a no-time zone, where linear laws of thermodynamics are warped, and in some cases do not apply at all.

It was within such a hyperfield that the Prima Matra powders and the Andara crystals were created, as well as some of the other types of crystals on the land, such as the opals and diamonds.

Approximately 2,000 years after the interdimensional implosion. A Lemurian temple complex was raised on this site, the name of which was Andara, meaning light of beauty and perfection. The primary purpose of this complex was in working with the Prima Matra powders, crystals, and water on the land.

One of the temples in this complex was dedicated to the ancient archetype known to the Egyptians as segments to the Assyrians as Ishtar.

While Andara was originally a Lemurian colony, those who participated in the Andara complex became their own race. By this we mean that through their purposeful interaction with the Prima Matra, they transmuted their crystalline DNA, becoming a highly futurized form of human being, even more developed in their light matrix than the Lemurians of that age. Thus, at this point in our discourse, we shall cease calling these colonists Lemurians, and refer to them as Andarians.”

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