Option 1: Energy Alchemist’: Upgrade Your Throat Chakra


Energy Alchemist': Upgrade Your Throat Chakra


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Discover the Beauty of Community, Commitment and Courage


I have made this a simple, no-brainer and no-barrier choice for anyone who feels stuck, overwhelmed in life, not on the ideal path and has a sense there is something more.

We have all have limiting beliefs, (ie. life is hard or I have to do it myself) stuck energy from the past (any physical issues in the body) and trapped emotions (ie. anxiety, low self esteem, resentment, anger etc.). By joining this community, you’ll have access to monthly masterclass and healing sessions, a library of energetic healing transmissions and meditations that are all geared towards you creating a powerful practice for yourself while tapping into powerful healing energies to shift whatever needs attention in your life.

This is for you if you would like to commit to yourself and your spiritual journey while being supported with many tools, resources, and community!

Let’s face it… we’ve all taken workshops and attended events that inspired change and we felt hopeful that this would make a lasting difference. We get excited and begin new habits that feel really good and have a positive impact, but in a couple of weeks we return to our old ways.

The reason I created a membership is to create change that lasts.  We are focused on long term results that begin with daily self care and self healing that results in empower changes and taking continual action towards the life you are meant to be living.

With a LIVE event every month, you will receive powerful energy healing transmissions to release what’s holding you back and open to what is possible.

You will also have exclusive and unlimited access to the evolving library to help with your health, abundance, manifesting, creating and more.

Who is this for?

  • Empaths, Sensitives and Intuitives who are feeling anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion

  • You haven’t yet realized that you require daily energetic care (think weeding a garden).

  • You desire a deeper connection to who you are and what you’re here to do.

  • Life feels stressful or not quite on track and you’re ready for change.

  • The world around you feels heavy and you take on the weight of it all.

  • You want an authentic community where you can be yourself.


Monthly Live Events

There will be a LIVE zoom session each month to let go of what is no longer serving you so you can embody more love, joy & alignment with your soul’s truth.

Some sessions will be focused on purification of density which encompasses negative emotions and thoughts as well as self-sabotaging behavior such as feeling unworthy, fear-based thoughts, hiding your truth, unhealed trauma, and everywhere we have separated from the true love that we are.

Other sessions will be about integrating higher frequencies through the embodiment of your divine soul self. We will have light-encoded activations to raise our consciousness and elevate our frequencies to hold a space of love within.

February’s Live Event: Upgrade Your Throat Chakra – Activate Creation. Express Your Truth. Be Bold. Be You

Can you remember times where you:

Held your tongue, or felt resentful because you didn’t speak your truth?
Were told to keep it down and be quiet?
You felt ignored or didn’t feel heard?
Were scared to try something new or embark on a new creative endeavor?

These are just some examples of the many ways our throat chakra has been shut down, blocked or imbalanced.

We have undervalued our voices and the magical capacity of our heart’s true expression, whether it be through communication, vocal expression or creative endeavors.

For most of us, our true voices have been compromised. Maybe we had to keep the peace, please others or put ourselves as a last priority. Maybe we just don’t feel it’s worth it to speak up or even own our truth to ourselves.

We came here to be the full, true and bold expression of our divine soul self. And this requires a throat chakra in harmony & balance.

This event is preparation for the March Masterclass: Sound Healing & Light Language for Quantum Creation

In this 2 hour energy infuse and activating class, we will…

  • Clear any bottlenecks to expressing truth and creative endeavors.
  • Activate throat and sacral chakras to open the flow of creation.
  • Explore how to use your voice for creation & manifestation.
  • Prepare for self sound healing and light language (March 1st class).