Mastery Empowerment Course: Energetic Spring Clean

Revitalize & Refresh Your Being


Mastery Empowerment Course: Energetic Spring Clean


2 Payment Option Available

Audio and Video Downloads available after event

Welcome to Energetic Spring Clean!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, energetically overloaded, or low on energy? You’re not alone. The current energy cycle is intense, and many are experiencing heightened ascension symptoms.

Our bodies are purging a tremendous amount of density and this can result in low energy, physical discomfort, racing thoughts, depression and heaviness to name a few.

Join us for our monthly gathering where Jen will lead a powerful energetic purification and clearing session. You’ll also learn effective practices to keep your energy, body, and space light and clear.

This is like having a personal healing session! We’ll infuse the session with sound healing and light codes to be felt at the deepest level.

Why join?

  • Receive an energetic purification at the cellular and DNA level.
  • Feel lighter, brighter, and more connected to the whole.
  • Learn tips to manage exacerbated ascension symptoms.
  • Release outdated patriarchal programs that are up in the field for us to purge as a collective.

What else will you receive?

  • Nourish the seeds you are planting for the future.
  • Deepen your connection to creation energy.
  • 12 chakra balance and harmonization.
  • Receive support with clearing energy in our bodies and living environments.