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Special Offer Bundle: Mastery Empowerment Course: Ascension Dynamics 101 + Plus her latest courses


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Please join us for a Question and Answer session with Maia Nartoomid as she discusses her video Ascension Dynamics 101.  Below is a transcript of the video, which talks about Ascended Master Thoth and his expression of Ascension. This is an online workshop that will be generated by the group’s questions on this topic.  You will receive the Video of this topic, and then join Maia to ask your questions.  As an Ascension Initiate, you are invited to share on this topic to expand your awareness and consciousness as we prepare for individual and planetary Ascension.

The word ascension has become a keynote for a global event of world-changing proportions many believe is coming in the not too distant future for planet Earth.

My inner plane mentor Thoth uses this term as it allows many human beings to identify basically with the process he elaborates upon. Of course, I can only write about what I receive concerning ascension, and through my perspective of what I receive.

To ascend, means to lift up and rise. In the religious paradigm, mostly Judeo-christian up means heaven and down means  the opposite direction from heaven.

In this context there is no in between. however, from the view of a being like Thoth,  there is a great deal of dimensional latitude between up and down. In fact, there is no up and down, only degrees of awareness and self and other becoming One.

The Thoth definition of ascension is: an ignition in the human being that causes the physical body to become aware of its divine nature, thus expanding its now moment to include Unity with the Soul.

Understand that the elemental body, the true life, being of what is called the physical body is generally only aware of its existence. It’s one agenda is to live,  to keep the physical up and running. When one communes with the elemental body, that part of the being can become more aware or in touch with its divine nature. Yoga is an example of a practice that helps the elemental body expand its awareness in this way.  Well-balanced meditation is another.

Even having an aha moment, or really more an epiphany,  is certainly something that can trigger this response to a deeper level in the human consciousness. But life is made up of many epiphanies to reach a point where you can be receptive to the full import of that ascension dynamic.

Yet, ascension is a far more encompassing Aha!  that is so profound and instantaneous. It is a truly quantum event like sticking your finger in a light socket.  Your now is expanded in a flash, and your life current is changed forever into a superconducting voltage. That moment may be all consuming an instant, but arriving there is more gradual, and takes longer. Much like living a long life. When you come to the moment of transition, it takes only an instant and you are no longer in the body in this world, but in another vehicle, in a much different and more expansive place. Ascension, then, is a much more profound and complete version of what we call death being really only a monumental transition.

 But how does this ascension thing really work? Is there someone up there pushing buttons? Or is it a natural process? According to Thoth, what we are calling ascension is a natural culmination of one stage in conscious habitation iIn the beginning of another.  However, all things natural have their governing forces a higher intelligence, God at work.  Within the scope of this Godness, there are stations of light, angels, archangels, illumined masters, etc., as we call them, from our religious interpretations.

 These particles of Godness are of the same light as our souls, but are closer to the source of the expanding light field. Thus the stations of light manage the natural function, keep it running smoothly in an accord with all being.

 Planetary Ascension is bringing an entire system together in intelligent heart coherence. When this occurs for an individual, his, her electrical field in the body changes current instantly.

First, this must happen on a subtle level that is nonetheless profound. Thoth calls it the heart ascension. The heart frequency in the body becomes coherent enough to shift perception into a full-blown Aha! of one’s place in time space.  When an incarnated soul can truly pinpoint its location energetically it instantly expands its perception beyond that point.  It is thus aware of its place and yet moves beyond it. At the same time, when one experiences true heart ascension, nothing more seems necessary. That person feels complete. No need to escape the world, as the view of the world has changed for them so dramatically that they are able to digest instantly the reason everything in the world is as it is. Time is no longer a laborious distraction. and love rules eternal. So why go any further? Because once you see, then you become. When you are at peace with the process, the process is then completed.

Thoth has told me that when a certain number of human beings reach the heart ascension frequency, it will then create a 100th monkey effect and ripple throughout the human race.  This doesn’t mean that every human being will then be heart-ascended. There will be those who turn away from embracing the wave, and are consequently dashed by its force onto the shore.

These souls will find themselves in another world similar to earth, where they will continue the old paradigm until they reach a point of ascension possibility once again. Yet I am shown that most humans on the planet, at the time, will choose to ride the wave. It will carry them from a world system 1 into a world system 2.

World System 1 are worlds which are sustained through a life-death cycle. They are entropic in nature. Thus to create physically in such a world the beings inhabiting it work against the tide of the dissolution of elemental form world system.

World System 2 are worlds that do not break down form in order to create transition. These systems operate on entirely another dimensional resource, that of an instantaneous transformation of energy within the matrix, an infusion of unlimited light.

When a being in World  System 2  takes a major leap in consciousness. they don’t leave anything behind; nothing breaks down or dissolves. It is all infused within the new state of formation.

Planetary ascension is the vehicle for a clean sweep of mass consciousness. The grand and unified Aha! that launches most of humanity in a quantum leap from one world system to another. And not only humanity, but other species on earth and actual geological areas of this planet.

This latter part, taking parts of the planet with us, is a bit sketchy for me. But, as I have come to understand it, the memory of these places which all ascending living species carry with them into the New World, will then reassemble to some degree, as geological scenes.

Thoth says it is kind of like dreaming. You dream you are somewhere. You have been or seen. You remember it, and come up with a version of this place in your dream. But it is not exactly the same, and may be changed by the act of dreaming it.

 There are specific locations on the planet that have the right level of attunement to the collective dream. And these will be the major areas coming with.

Another important aspect of the geologic element is that all living beings who ascend will do so from those ascension land areas. It is not like we have to locate them and rush there and wait. Every living thing, including us will be in the right place at the right time for this mass exodus. The reason living creatures must be in land areas, for the process is that these areas are memory markers for our elemental bodies which we are taking with us remember. The creatures we share this planet with will not need a heart-ascension because their reality is a direct insertion into the now moment.

Yet it is all really more complex. and I don’t wish to spend too much time on the subject here. Suffice to say that some of the elementally arranged areas on the earth will come along to add to the effectiveness of bonding the living creatures of the planet to their new home.  We are not leaving the earth through Ascension. We are reclaiming Gaia in full consciousness. She is simply opening her arms ever wider to us as we shift frequency and abide within the new earth.

We must also remember that Thoth speaks about the planetary genius and the fact that we will be taking the planetary genius of this world with us from world system 1 to world system 2, so that the earth is still the earth. We’re not going to a new planet.   We are taking that domain reference, shall we say to the new earth. Again to refresh your memory on what the planetary genius is all about.

It is the completed thought form containing the identity of consciousness for our world domain from its Alpha through Omega beginning to end. It is untainted, free of all illusion, and yet it is not omnipotent, as it defines, identifies, therefore it has a distinct polarity, and that polarity is to qualify and preserve the Ashatan or the latter days of the earth.  These latter days we’re speaking of is referencing the actual stages of the ascension dynamic.