Offer 2: Mastery Empowerment Course: 12 Week Path of the Heart Course

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Offer 2: Mastery Empowerment Course: 12 Week Path of the Heart Course


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The Path of the Spiritual Warrior is the practice of living impeccably, using the sword of truth, when necessary, to cut through the illusions that keep us bound to the past and future. It is a path of ruthless self-love and commitment to eliminate judgement, assumptions and projections, replacing them with presence and full embodiment.

This concept and the title evoke the Samurai warrior or the Shaolin monk who sometimes faced life and death situations which depended on their ability to respond in the moment with an immediacy developed by years of arduous, disciplined practice.

In today’s world, it is the path of the heart, a quantum field that allows us to develop trust and patience whereby we can access the realms of guidance and replace stress, rush and overwhelm with stillness, ease, grace and miracle.

The Path of the Spiritual Warrior advocates reconnection with Nature, simplicity and a healthful lifestyle. This path is for those who are ready to awaken to the realization of truth as an inner experience, reflected in the outer reality as peace, equanimity and stability. The ultimate understanding is that we are expressions of God’s (or Goddess’s) love. We show up with our hearts open, in the moment.

This course is the introduction to the practices in the book, The Path of the Spiritual Warrior, which offers practical guidance and wisdom, and recommends ways in which we can shed old patterns that keep us stuck, replacing them with life enhancing and light filled experience.

Raphael Weisman was invited to receive 12 voices from different mythological and historical figures and then offer a course in which each voice brought through a message from its own unique perspective and then answered the participants’ questions. A 13th voice, The Christ, wraps up the course.

The book and course provides a formula for reclaiming your integrity and self-authority as a being who embodies and radiates light and always seeks, and finds, the positive in every situation.

I highly recommend watching the above interview with Lauren Galey as an introduction to the material that will be presented in the Introduction to The Path of the Heart, a 3-hour webinar on Saturday, August 5th from 5 – 8 PM MST in which The Guides and I will lead you through foundational practices in Mastery, Self-awareness and the Path of the Heart. This webinar will be preparation for a 12-week course that will aim to open your heart and deepen your practice.