Package B – Soul Songs + Package A

12 MP3 files for your Zodiac Birth Sign plus Bonus Tracks

Package B - Soul Songs


2 Payment Option Available

Tracks 1-12 are your Souls unique song.
According to your Birth sign, Zodiac StarChoose from the tracks and begin playing yours daily. Each zodiac sign has it’s own healthy, balancing frequency.

Item 13: Activating Your Soul Star
Unique Soul Star Activation. We will be activating your unique Soul Star Chakra Connecting your Soul to Source. Most powerful and Sacred Process.

Item 14: A Blast Of Universal Love
Be ready to receive a blast of universal Love frequency vibration. Grounding process to be completely supported. Downloads of Divine Love codes.

Item 15: Be Aligned For Best Outcome
Quick clearing of all stopping you from receiving your best outcome in any situation

Item 16: Unlocking Your Inner Joy
Beautiful Energetic Healing music to open up your Inner JOY

Bonus Affirmations:
A set of daily Motivational Affirmations that will align you for greatness in every area of your life!