Offer 1-Unlocking the Gifts of Your Sacred Inner Child Honoring and Infusion Session

Private 1 on 1 Session and Check-in

Offer 1: Honoring and Infusion Session


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Private 1 on 1 Session:

Each of the archetypes of your Sacred Inner Child…the Divine Child, Eternal Child, Nature Child, Orphan Child, Wounded Child and Magical Child…has a message and beautiful gift for you. These gifts are Celestial Nature Essences that will nurture your connection with your Inner Child and her unique and special qualities that enhance self-love, joy, play, wonder and magic in your life.

In this session I’ll:

  • Check on the aspect identified in your Intuitive Reading and clear the residue of density remaining after the workshop as well as anything else your Higher Self brings forth at this time that’s ready for release and negatively impacting your Inner Child .
    Each Child Archetype has a Gift — we’ll Reveal the specific message and gift from each child archetype to you so that you can Embody this gift for opening your intuitive power.
  • Infuse the gifted Celestial Nature Essences into your Being — these Call forth the Deeply profound magical and intuitive abilities your Soul is yearning to express!
    Activate, harmonize and ground these energies into your energetic system so that you become the EMBODIMENT of them – living as them – ALIVE with JOY and Wonder!
  • Scan on the number of days for full integration of the energies and essences — this way you’ll be in Alignment and on track for the Fullest expression to come forth.

The Celestial Nature Essence Infusions gifted from the heart of your Sacred Inner Child, support you in gaining intuitive clarity and being in a state of peace, joy, acceptance and Soul connection.

You’ll be open to a greater level of Light-heartedness, curiosity and creativity through life’s ups and downs and be more attuned and aligned to what nourishes and nurtures you.

Value $250

Item 2: Gift Integration Check-in: 1 on 1 Post Session Follow-up

This is an opportunity for you to provide feedback on your session and ask any questions related to the process and will be completed after the integration period that I scanned at the end of your session.

During your time with me, I’ll:

  • Check on the integration of the Celestial Nature Essences gifted to you
  • Provide you with information on any next steps coming through for you

Value $57