SpiritArts: Transformation through Sound and Movement


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SpiritArts: Offering #3 LIGHT: SOUND AND BODY


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Soul is infinite, it wants to expand.

Emotions are energy, carried through the soul. If we shut them down, we shut down the soul. Through sound and movement we will vibrate away what does not serve us (without the story), so we can move toward harmony and soul evolution.
Soul expression will be explored with sacred sounds, improvisation, rhythmic language and soul language.
When we surrender, spirit will sing and dance through us.

Dance your light through Group Motion Community Dance with live music. Be someone who let’s the light come through, as you know, it’s the real you! Let yourself shine and fill yourself with joy and curiosity. As we consciously gather light we are illuminating our reality.

Soul is infinite, it wants to expand.

Our soul wants to create. Call upon the creative power of the ‘inner artist” to work through you and access the power of co-creation with the Divine through Sound and Movement.

Megan King will take us on a movement journey through meditation, guided imagery and fun exploratory exercises with live music. You can do this in your chair or mobilize in your space. Lynn Miller will support your inner and outer journey with the Indian tambora, koto, guitar, percussion and Native flute.

As you activate and integrate your light body by letting go of density through movement and sound, you are more free to express authentically and be the real you.  As you metabolize more light, you become Spirit in action.

Through simple exercises you will discover ways to express and tap into your soul dance, song or light language. This universal language is understood by our souls. No experience necessary.

Through the creative process, we will express our vision for what we want to see for the New Earth.