SpiritArts: Transformation through Sound and Movement

Offering 2: SOUNDBODY: Listening to our Body Temple

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SpiritArts: Offering #2 SOUNDBODY: Listening to our Body Temple


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When we dance, we bring imagination to life. If you can see it, then you can feel it, then you can move and sound it, then you can believe it, then you can be it.

When we move, we make relationships- relationship with the ground and space; relationship with music, relationship with feelings, others and our body temple. SoundBody is sound and movement for self- expression, awareness and connection. How do we dance through life? Our nervous system perceives one another through body language and the tone and timbre of our voices. Through sound and movement in our inner world, we will explore melody, dynamics, textures, variations, silence, breath, range, timbre, rhythm and shape. As we try on these nuances and feel different parts through body in sound and motion, we can move out old patterns. This clears the way to be our authentic self.

For the outer experience journey, we will move and sound into creative connections. Group Motion dance will take us on a journey with live music through our imagination and guided imagery. Our imagination builds our intuition. This will guide us toward spontaneity, allowing our creative potential to be expressed with community.