Option 1: Sacred Chant, Sacred Name

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Option 1: Sacred Chant, Sacred Name


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You are a wonderful note in the Song of the Universe. Our voice is sacred. Do not be afraid to sing. Your voice is your soul’s expression. It has it’s own signature, no one has a voice like you. As each one of us “tunes in” and “tunes up” we collectively create harmony in the symphony of the earths song.

We have all been given a magical word, our name. Our name is sacred as it holds energy of our essence, challenges and expansion for our lifetime. We will explore this energy and the sounds in our names through chant, vowels, consonants and rhythmic patterns. This will give us a foundation and inspiration for our own personal chant.

Fun exercises to restore childlike spontaneity and creativity will be utilized. Once each simple sound structure has been modeled, you will be invited to delve into the sacred sounds of your name. The Indian shruti box, monochord and frame drum will support and accompany your sound explorations. Skills will be demonstrated on creating your personal chant. A melody will appear inspired from the sound name journeying. Our soul chant will enhance the orchestra of the Song of the Earth.

Some benefits include:

  • Creative self- expression
  • Feeling comfort with our voice
  • Deep listening skills
  • SOUL liberation through sounding
  • Skills in creating a personal chant