Mastery Empowerment Course: Light Energy and Ascension

MEC: Light Energy and Ascension


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The Earth was designed as an outlet for karmic pathing (evolution towards Grace). It was decreed by the Archangels of the “Seventh Heaven” (Seraphim, Cherubim and Wheels of Fire) that a mandate should be established for this return to Grace which the universes were moving through. You must understand that the Earth’s plight is of an inner design as part of a greater universal “return home”. The universal mandate is that of the Violet Flame. The Earth’s role is given several sub-mandates under the Violet Flame. One of these mandates is the Golden Taya, which concerns the allotment of certain light encoded areas for the LP-40 ascension. The first step in this process involves their transfer from Nephilimic guardianship to Solarian guardianship under the authority of the “Wheels of Fire” containing various Merkabah groups such as “Chariot of the Sun“. Come learn what that means for us.

Light Energy and Ascension – What are the Golden Taya?

  • brush up on the Ascension Handhook
  • learn the signs of ascension symptoms
  • understand the significance of the Golden Taya areas