Life Path Guidance:Crystal Card Reading & Energy Balancing

Life Path Guidance:Crystal Card Reading & Energy Balancing


During your session we will focus on your birth path, particularly where you are on your “Saturn Journey” and how that relates to the “Saturn 5“: money, career, relationships, health and living situation. I’ll connect with my guides (Metatron & Quan Yin) and call in the healing power of the crystals using sound vibration to clear blocks, harmonize the chakras and illuminate the Rainbow Body. The Sound Bath grounds you into your power center and deepens your connection to the unseen energies that support and guide you.


The power of the Liquid Crystal Oracle is that aside from the valuable information and guidance received (similar to the Tarot or other Oracle cards) the Liquid Crystal Oracle connects you with the balancing and cleansing energy of the crystals themselves, which have the ability to activate and harmonize the rainbow body, bringing the chakra system into alignment with your personal evolutionary path as well as the evolutionary thrust of Mother Earth and the cosmos at large. The session will also include sound healing and guided visualization to integrate the energy of the crystal and connect the mental body (intellect) with the chakras system helping you to stay grounded in your power center, focussed in the present moment and open to your Highest Guidance. This is the atmosphere that fosters the spontaneous action that leads to authentic movement.

What People Have To Say About Carsten

Today I had my 1 on 1 session with Carsten Spencer. I have experienced many 1 on 1 sessions prior to this. I have never felt so uplifted, so comfortable, so spontaneous with ANYONE prior to this. The Divine Feminine is bringing in Divine Masculine Men to replace Patriarchal men, Carsten is clearly one of these wonderful men!!! I am a gem healer and so is Carsten, among his many gifts. His toning is clearly from Heaven, without a doubt! I am still in ecstasy many hours after my session with Carsten. I Whole Heartedly recommend him to all who seek a Heaven on Earth experience!
Carolyn L.
Thank you for a fabulous session… Still feeling 100% and got a new client yesterday (and possibly a whole house to remodel! too). Thank you for moving the energy
Oh my God! I am in tears. Thank you for holding me and holding space so I may be of service… You continue to be a source of inspiration for wisdom, love and commitment to truth.