Offer 1: Lemurian MP3 Package

Offer 1: Lemurian MP3 Package


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This package contains seven premier channeled tapes and activations from Lemurian Donna Carol.  The MP3s are channeled directly by her guides, including the ancient Lemurian Mother Goddess.

  1. Lemurian Cleanse – Day 1.

Clean out all negative influences from various entities, cultures, and your own personal karma.    Release all roadblocks to Lemuria.    Donna Carol channels the Mother Goddess who brings in the light of Alcyone (the central Sun in the Pleiades).    Watch addictions, compulsions, anger, insomnia, jealousy, envy, grief, low self-value and hatred melt away.    The release of this negativity will clear the way for the Activation and Visioning tapes.       35 minutes long.

  1. Lemurian Activation – Day 2.

Lemurian Donna Carol channels the Lemurian Mother Goddess.    She turns on the codes that activate your Lemurian lifetimes within your consciousness.    You will connect to your parallel Lemurian lifetimes and to the heart of the Mother Goddess.    She will bring in diamond light codes that will help you to remember the joy, peace and love that you used to constantly feel.    You will be initiated into your Lemurian Soul Group by the color ray that you carry.    This will cause a reunion of those energies (souls) on the material plane.    You will also connect to your Lemurian vocation, whatever it is, in a much greater way.       35 minutes long.

  1. Lemurian Visioning – Day 3.

Fully activated and initiated, you will join other Lemurians in a group collection of energy.    The energy will unite all into one big heartbeat, that joins the heart of the Mother Goddess.    Through this collective effort, you will consciously bring back the “Lemurian Way,” a spiritually-evolved community who valued peace, trust and love.    You will envision the beautiful culture of Mother Gaia, and experience star seed communication, advanced crystalline technology, and the sacred feminine principle in action.    No more war, greed, pettiness or misalignment of values. You will be fully in your Lemurian LOVE bubble, as you awaken to the ecstasy of the Lemurian way, through this guided meditation.       43 minutes long.

  1. “The Song of Lemuria – A Channeled History”

Do you remember the Song of Lemuria? Do you long for the time when all were as one, living on the Earth in sacred harmony… loving God and all of her Creation without any qualms? Do you want to return to this amazing time, even if it is only for an hour or so? Lemuria was an ancient oceanic culture in the Pacific Ocean. Please listen as Lemurian Donna Carol recollects the Motherland, and let your heart soar with the memory.      58 minutes long.

  1. “The Lemurian Mother Goddess Downloads Your Diamond Light Codes”

Ancient   Lemuria was a land in the Pacific Ocean that sank before the fall of Atlantis. It was filled with spiritually-evolved individuals who lived in peace, trust and love. Lemurians were tall, telepathic and intelligent, with unparalleled spiritual capabilities. There is a spiritual call to bring back the Lemurian culture to Mother Gaia. The Lemurians are now rising! In this channeling Donna Carol will channel the Mother Goddess of Lemuria. She will activate the dormant diamond light codes within you, so that you can remember your Lemurian heritage and progress in awareness of the new light. Bask in the high, high energy.      38 minutes long.

  1. “Money Manifesting Yogic Technique”

Learn how to manifest money, or anything else that you desire, with this ancient Indian technique.    Utilize yogic points in the body and your chakra system to bring about money, in all of its forms.    Donna Carol shows you how! This process is much more powerful than affirmations or changing your belief system regarding wealth.    You actually create the money in Source, and then bring it into your physical reality with the help of a spirit guide and selenite.    This technique is truly life-changing if applied consistently, using your strong will.      18 minutes long.

  1. “A Chakra Cleanse and Activation with the Archangels”

This is an effective and thorough chakra cleanse with the archangels using Lemurian Donna Carol as a channel. The process is to call in the archangels, set up boundaries against negative energies and influences, open the chakras, clean each chakra, and then close each chakra.    This video will raise your vibration, causing you to feel lighter and brighter with a powerful celestial infusion from the higher realms.    Archangel Michael will protect your new aura after all of your hard work.    28 minutes long.