Offer 3: MEC: SoulWork Class

Saturdays, May 13, 20 & 27

Three Live Zoom Sessions**

**Sessions will NOT be recorded

Offer 3: MEC: SoulWork Class


2 Payment Option Available

Please read what Patricia B. said about her experience this past December.

“I am so pleased to have participated in three amazing and powerful sessions with Lemurian Donna Carol. Each one was filled with abundant gifts to use over and over.   Initially, my Guides assured me I would never be the same If I made the commitment. I am changed!”

Lemurian Donna Carol is offering a series of THREE LIVE one-hour ZOOM SESSIONS with her guides, including the Lemurian Mother Goddess, her son in Heaven, Yeshua, Archangel Michael, warrior protection angels, cleansing angels, the Arcturians, the Green Hearted Healers, the Lyrans and Alcyone.  These downloads come directly from the Heavenly realms, at a cost of $155, for all three sessions.  This is an amazing value for these transmissions and activations, under the loving eyes of the Lemurian Mother Goddess.

Please make sure that you can attend all three sessions for the dates below.  Donna Carol will email you a ZOOM invitation for each of the three sessions 2 days before the event.  Tapes of the sessions will not be sent to participants afterwards, so please make sure that you can be present.

A Cosmic Clearing with the Lemurian Mother Goddess, her son, Archangel Michael, the Arcturians and Alcyone

Saturday, May 13, 2023: 10 am Pacific time, 11 am Mountain time, 12 pm Central time, 1 pm Eastern time (US & Canada), 5pm GMT

The Great Shift is now upon us. However, it is difficult for some to be LIGHT & LOVE because unbeknownst to them, they have negative attachments.  Dark Energy (Demons, Reptilians, Discarnates, Parasites,  Insectoids and Implants) attach to people, who do not have a clue.  They make life difficult causing addictions, compulsion, anger, insomnia, jealousy, grief and hatred.

We will get rid of dark energetic attachments with the help of Donna Carol’s powerful guides.  We will also remove limiting beliefs, conditioned responses, outdated, self-sabotaging behaviors and negative emotions.  Your multi-dimensional body, homes and cars will be cleansed by the Angels and Arcturians.  Afterwards, you will Ascend into the Celestial Realms and bathe in the beautiful light.  Stale energy from your body will be replaced by beautiful Alcyonic energy in your chakras and meridians.

The Arcturians Bring in Your Divine Physical Template of Perfect Health into the Body
The Green Hearted Healers exchange Timelines of Illness, Grief and Pain for ones of great Health and Happiness

Saturday, May 20, 2023: 10 am Pacific time, 11 am Mountain time, 12 pm Central time, 1 pm Eastern time (US & Canada), 5pm GMT

The Arcturians are the master healers in this galaxy. They are kind enough to download your perfect divine blueprint of health. After the download, we will connect your existing organs and systems to the divine template, where you can start receiving instructions to heal the physical body.

The Green Hearted Healers are fun light-beings who came to heal Donna Carol in 2019. They are 12th dimensional beings from another universe that never experienced darkness. They are here to help! They have the ability to switch timelines, and that is what they will do for you. Their frequency will bring in a higher reality of good health and unconditional love for you, by upgrading your existing timelines. They are amazing beings and you will love working with them.

The Son of the Lemurian Mother Goddess Downloads Your Divine Soul Signature and Divine Soul Mission
The Lyrans Bring in Lyran Love Codes
The Lemurian Mother Goddess Bathes you in Pink Heavenly Love

Saturday, May 27, 2023:  10 am Pacific time, 11 am Mountain time, 12 pm Central time, 1 pm Eastern time (US & Canada), 5 pm GMT

We end up our series by downloading your divine soul signature, the sound or melody that came into being when your soul was born. It is unique to you. After that your divine soul mission will be brought into your heart and body from the Soul Star chakra. You will integrate it into Mother Earth. This is facilitated by the Lemurian Mother Goddess’ son in Heaven.

The Lyrans are ancient and powerful galactic beings. We will bring in ancient 12th dimensional Lyran love codes that will expand your heart with unconditional love, courage and wisdom.

Lastly, the Lemurian Mother Goddess will join in, bathing you in her frequency and imparting the color pink into your body and aura. This will bring in her nurturance, divine love, support and compassion for all of humanity and other lifeforms on Earth.

  • Through channeling you will be able to connect with high-level guides, who will impart their unique frequency of healing into your physical and subtle bodies.  At this time, your healing is the main priority of Donna Carol’s guides.