Learning to Play in the Frequencies of Light Language

Discovering your own unique expression of the Divine through Light Language

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Learning to Play in the Frequencies of Light Language (3 Sessions)


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As a human being you have the innate ability to transmit Light Language. It is part of our DNA. Join us in this very experiential Light Language Course to learn to open to your own unique expression of Light Language. The way you express Light Language will be unique to you, your Spiritual Gifts and your individual Spiritual Path. over the three sessions we will explore different ways to express and use Light Language as well as receive a Light Language activation to help you reactivate you ability to transmit Light Language.

Light Language is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to help you raise your vibration and energy to its most elevated expression. It will help you to release old patterns, transform past life energies, as well as support your body’s ability to heal by bringing in high vibrational healing frequencies. Light Language transmits light codes and vibrational activations. It will support transformation and help to open, expand, and strengthen channels to Higher Self and Source Energy.

Light Language is an expression of the Divine. It may be transmitted through sound as in toning, words, song, or chanting. It can be signed
with the hands, and expressed through dance and art. The expression of Light Language may feel angelic, galactic, elemental, ancestral, cultural, and much more.

Light Language transmission can be a powerful addition to what you may already be sharing with friends and clients or as a standalone transformational modality.

The sessions are live but recordings will be available.

In this Course you will:

  • Receive a Light Language Activation that will personally reactivate your ability to transmit Light Language. We can all do this!
  • Experience a Throat Chakra Clearing to enhance your ability to express Light Language.
  • Explore and discover your own unique way of expressing Light Language.
  • Experience a Heart Expansion & Expression Meditation and learn to send Light Language through the Heart Chakra.
  • Experience how Light Language brings about deep relaxation and a profound sense of peace.
  • Learn and explore the various ways to express Light Language: voice, hands, art, etc.
  • Learn how to know you are speaking Light Language.
  • Learn how to use Light Language to shift the vibration of anything you want to clear, energize and transform including old patterns of pain, lack of abundance and much more.
  • Learn how to use Light Language to clear and balance the chakras and to keep your energy field clear and strong..
  • Learn how to raise the vibration and energy of water, food, crystals, and plants with Light Language.

  • Experience An Envisioning meditation to help you remember when you were able to do Light Language as Spirit.
  • Learn how to incorporate Light Language into other modalities you may already use, such as Reiki, Breathwork, Akashic Reading, etc. Light Language transmission enhances the power and effectiveness of what you do.

What People Have To Say About Charyl

The Light Language class with Charyl was wonderful! I feel like it’s hard to describe in words until you experience it. It helped me to feel more connected…to myself, others, nature, and beyond. It also challenged me to let go and trust, and when I did…well I never knew what would happen, but there was a sense of freedom, insight, and power that I seemed more connected to. Charyl created a welcoming and positive space (even on Zoom) that made me feel at ease and safe to experiment & play. I would highly recommend this class to anyone!


What a great experience to learn how to connect with the energy of Light Language!  Charyl is a wonderful teacher who guides you through the process.


Loved it all. Surprised by the Light Language you used. Felt it moving through me, through my body, shifting things for the better. Really loved it, or better put, am telling you that my body/self, loved it. The Light Language seems to “speak” to more than the me that has words


Charyl has taken many roles in my life. She has introduced me to and taught me healing modalities that have become an important part of my work with my clients.  She serves the community of both healers and clients with impeccable standards, kindness, and wisdom. Charyl is a gentle spirit upon this planet. Those who find her have found a gemstone!