Mastery Empowerment Course: Learn to Verbally Channel

Mastery Empowerment Course: Learn to Verbally Channel


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Receive and Deliver Messages From Your Guidance Team

Learn to connect with your higher self and guidance team, and verbally channel! Are you ready to connect to your guidance team, and receive insight on your life purpose? Through this workshop you will receive experiential understanding of the practice of verbal channeling, and open to receiving and then delivering messages from these higher frequency realms.

This is an introductory course, and you will be given an opportunity to further develop these skills with Allison, after this workshop.

Some items you will learn:

  • What is channeling?
  • My personal story of becoming a channel and how my gifts developed
  • The differences between Channeling, Intuitive Readings, and Mediumship
  • Guided practice into a channeled space
  • Q & A time