Mastery Empowerment Course: Ascension Particles Activation

Mastery Empowerment Course: Ascension Particles Activation


2 Payment Option Available

I am offering, at a discount price, a series of powerful guided processes to activate the 9 physical and 6 of the 13 energetic doorways through which we receive Ascension Particles and absorb their frequencies. Organized into 5 modules, these teachings, meditations and powerful activations have a profound effect on the cellular structure of our physical body and the photoluminescent structure of our auric field/energy bodies.

Each module contains over 3 hours of high frequency content and it is highly recommended to not do more than 1 per week in order to integrate the activations and energetic downloads involved with the processes taught in each module before moving onto the next one. The modules are the following :

  • Module 1 : Cellular Transmutation : Calibrating our Inner Light to Universal Intelligence
  • Module 2 : Purging the Plexus and Building the Psychic Brain​
  • Module 3 : Activating the Golden White Waves to Expand the Heart and Awaken theThymus
  • Module 4 : Expanding the Crown Chakra and Activating the Multidimensional Chakra
  • Module 5 : Grounding our 5D Multidimensionality : Harmonizing the Mental Body Chakras

With this series of teachings, meditations and powerful activations, you will practice intentionally expanding your consciousness to receive and absorb high frequency particles assisting our Ascension into the 5 th Dimension (and beyond!)

More specifically, you will learn:

  • To connect to and amplify the reception doorways (9 in the physical body and 13 in the energetic bodies) that allow you to receive and absorb these high frequency Ascension Particles
  • To discover and absorb the 7 types of Ascension Particles : Pranic, Solar, Celestial Crystalline, Terrestrial Crystalline, Adamantine, Orion and 6th Dimensional
  • How each of these Ascension Particles come to us and the particular role they play in upgrading our cellular structures and transmuting our energy bodies into their next phase of evolution
  • About the great Quantum Leap we are experiencing right now, the powerful transitioning from 3D solar plexus living to 5D heart-centered living
  • To better understand the upgrades to our psychic intelligence we are receiving as we learn to interact with and navigate within the 4th and 5th dimensional bands of consciousness
  • To receive downloads and discernments refining your ability to distinguish between the heart, mind and cellular intelligence, allowing Source and Universal Intelligence to directly speak to your cells and move through different dimensional realities fluidly.
  • The importance of cultivating serene states in order for your body and nervous system to flow with the Earth’s shifting hertz frequency and relax enough to gracefully allow the healing to happen
  • How to strengthen your triple heart connection and experience what true love feels and acts like

By the end of this series of meditations and activations, you will feel all these particles and their effects circulating within you, which will help you speed up the transmutation of the energetic systems we have been working with for a long time that are no longer adequate to the level of frequency we can absorb and embody. Since these are recordings and not live calls, you can ​integrate this work at a pace that is right for you on your journey towards greater and greater spiritual self mastery.