Offer 1: Creating Financial Abundance within the Freedom of the New Earth

Two Part Audio Program

Creating Financial Abundance within the Freedom of the New Earth 2 Part Audio Series


Part One – Creating Freedom

Introduction and Aligning with Freedom and Abundance – 10 minutes

The first of the three Freedom audios supports you in feeling healthy, vibrant and energized. The second audio supports you in creating an abundance of money. The third audio supports you in embodying and knowing what FREEDOM really feels like!
The first time we journey through each Freedom audio we clear out any emotions, patterns, defaults, implants, core beliefs, energies, cords and attachments that have been limiting you and keeping you feeling stuck. We then go through the chakras a second time looking for any remaining energies that need to be released. The third time through the chakras we activate what you’re looking for with regards to Financial Abundance, Optimum Health and Embodying Freedom.

The Freedom of Experiencing Financial Abundance – 64 minutes

The Freedom of Experiencing Optimum Health and Energy – 62 minutes

Embodying and Experiencing Freedom – 67 minutes

Part Two – Creating Financial Abundance

Transforming Not Enough to Enough – 30 minutes

When your unconsciousness mind is constantly playing the tape of “there’s never enough money” “I never have enough” etc you’ll be stuck in creating from that place of ‘not enough’ and that’s what you’ll continue to receive. Transform the stuck energy of ‘not enough’ to ‘Having Enough’ so that you’re creating from an energy of Abundance

Not Worthy/Deserving to Worthy and Deserving – 36 minutes

It’s time to let of not feeling worthy and deserving. We know you’re worthy and deserving of more, now it’s time for YOU to believe it!

From I don’t Matter, Not Important to I Matter and I Am Important – 28 minutes

Activate the knowing that You DO Matter and You ARE Important!

From Not Safe to Safe – 30 minutes

When we’ve lived all or most of our life from a place of lack and limitation, we can tend to not feel safe having more, especially when that means being seen and heard in a bigger way. Let go of the beliefs and fears that have been keeping you stuck in lack and limitation and embrace a life of knowing you’re safe to create more in your life!

Expecting Money and Amazing Experiences – 21 minutes

We receive what we expect. If you’re expecting lack and limitation, if you expect to never have much, that’s what you’ll get more of. In this audio you’ll create an energy and consciousness of Expecting Abundance and having more!

Receiving Money – 11 minutes

Be pro-active in creating an energy field that actively supports you in receiving an Abundance of money.

Benefits you receive from the course

  • Learn how to create in the New Earth

  • Find out how your choices either support your expansion into the 5D or keep you stuck in the 3D

  • Discover how Freedom and Abundance align with each other!

  • Find out how to determine at any time whether you are living in the 3D of the Matrix or 5D of the New Earth