Package A: Evostar Quantum Technology App

Evolution, Scalar Technology Atom Response


Package A: Evostar Quantum Technology App


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Consciousness Shifting Activation! Attune to the expansion of your consciousness in the multi dimensions of reality beyond your human experience. In this space you begin to bend reality as you know it consciously, allowing you to choose experiences beyond the limitations of the mind.

EvoStar App:
EvoStar is a quantum technology app designed to support the mind, body, and spirit to elevate into higher frequencies through Scalar Energy. Working with cellular, molecular and brain wave activity, the technology supports one by transmitting Scalar Waves connected to a specific intention over an 18 day period of time. This cutting edge technology is advancing the user to create quantum change while stepping into the mastery of Manifesting.
During this journey, you will receive 6 attunements that are working with your energy system upgrading Cellular Intelligence and the eclectic responses of your mind. We suggest using each attunement for 11 days. Each attunement is designed to bring the pattern of your current energy system into the highest vibration of Health, Vitality, and Consciousness. Are you ready to step into your Evolved Future Pattern?

The 6 Attunements

  • 1st. Attuning the frequency you are holding and/or experiencing in the now moment.
  • 2nd. Attuning the frequency that is being reflected to you by the outside world. This can be friends, family, work environment, etc.
  • 3rd. Attuning the energy that Source or Universal Intelligence wants you to become aware of that you are not currently seeing. (How the Universal Intelligence sees you or your current situation.)
  • 4th. Attuning the Divine Support that is being given to you to bring your experience into the highest future pattern.
  • 5th. Attuning the energy that is being created when existing in this Divine Support. This is creating particles of the possibility of your highest future pattern.
  • 6th. Attuning the frequencies that are being held in particles of possibility move into the probability of your intention.

Before you begin.

Sit for a moment and ask what is showing up the most in your life. What is being shown that is ready to shift? Is it something physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual? Take some time to look through the different frequencies you can work with and choose the one that is the closest to meeting your intention. Frequencies have a range in which they will work through. If you do not see what it is you want to work on, pick the one that fits closest to your intention. You will receive the frequencies that are needed.

  • Choose what frequency you will use.
  • Choose what you will work on by pressing the icon category and then the appropriate description.
  • Choose the appropriate symbol and attunement.

You will be working with your intention for 6 to 18 days. It is recommended that you repeat the process up to 3 times. A full process is 6 attunements with 2 attunements for each symbol. The first 3 attunements are shifting the energy you are holding in the now moment. The last 3 attunements are creating a new pattern of energy for your body to hold and experience.

Each day you experience the attunement that goes with the frequency of the symbol. You will notice next to the symbol, 1 and 4, 2 and 5, 3 and 6. Pick the symbol that represents the day/attunement you are on.

Upload your most recent picture.

We recommend using a new selfie each time you do an attunement. Your frequency will change each day, resulting in your picture also changing in frequency. Taking a new picture each time will allow the frequency to work on the most advanced pattern you are holding for your highest benefit.

Start the Attunement.

Listen and/or watch the image. You may watch the image for the first few minutes and feel led to shut your eyes. The frequency will work with you when listening and watching the image. We recommend watching the image for at least 1 to 2 minutes each time and completing the session by listening. This is working with the energy centers of your mind allowing you to reprogram the way you “think” and “see” reflection in your reality. Together, EvoStar is creating change on both a molecular and conscious level.

Are you Complete?

Before ending your attunement, take a moment to center yourself in your heart and witness the change. Witnessing change is confirming to your programmed mind you have created a shift. This is the most powerful part of creating change in your life. The more you pay attention to the shift the more the reflection of your intention will start to show you your future pattern, or results. Focus on the creation unfolding.
Remember you are working with quantum technology held in Scalar Waves. Allow yourself to explore who you are in this new frequency. You are a multi-dimensional being. How is your life different in this new frequency you are holding? Be curious and explore the wonder of your life.