Offer 1: Breaking Quantum 5 LIVE Week Course!

Offer 1: Breaking Quantum 5 LIVE Week Course!


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Learn the most advanced technology of the human body through step-by-step processes to transform into the New Human!
Are you Ready to Break Quantum Physics and Ascend the Body?

As we continue to activate our Divine Technology language will change. Communication through the universal language will be the next step in delivering specific frequencies as we shift into the light body. We can use holographic imaging to see through the illusion of both form and programming of words. This allows us to be everything and nothing at the same time. The vehicle, particle light form, connects to the grid turning on the nodes.

This is the first step of breaking the Matrix and begin to play as the creator of the Matrix itself. The creator of the game in which we choose to play. This opens the pathway into existing outside the Matrix all together, breaking the God Code!

Are you ready to BREAK Quantum Physics? The Ionic grid is holding the intelligence of what we are becoming… This level of intelligence has no consciousness, meaning it has no need to be conscious of itself because it holds the intelligence of all things without the need for reflection… just sit with this. This is going to be a WILD RIDE! Buckle up! Reality is bending. What if everything you know is true isn’t true? What if everything you have been told is the opposite of the truth energy it is actually holding?