Offer 1: Becoming BioQuantum with DMT

Offer 1: Becoming BioQuantum with DMT


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DMT Cards with 2 hour recorded workshop:

What are DMT Codes?

The 12 DMT Codes, the symbols,  exist beyond space and time.  They hold a single frequency through an exact point of DNA Expression, or as pure Source Intelligence.

When using the DMT codes, a specific frequency is activated within the DNA. These frequencies hold consciousness within DNA Intelligence.  When activated,  a propulsion is created, Decoding Molecular Technology.  As DMT is released, a system of Intelligence begins to reprogram molecular mechanisms to a pure state or Frequency. Consciousness and the body merge within DNA Intelligence beyond the Matrix (space and time) creating the Advance Human.

Each DMT transmission will hold 1 to 12 Source Codes.  The codes build on top of one another bypassing time in linear cognitive assimilation.  This teaches the conscious mind to be held outside a linear time allowing you to move beyond observation/experience of programming.

Each symbol has no beginning, no end and activates DMT within the DNA.  As DMT codes turn on,  the 12 epigenetic codes of aging begin to turn off. The cells begin to identify in the Advanced DMT Codes versus the programmed body we experience now.

When done over time, the cells hold the ability to communicate, exist, and receive interactive information or an intelligence outside the environment they exist within.  The Cells move beyond observation, and move into the expression of the intelligence held beyond the looping cycle of aging.  DMT is a gateway into mastering the Advanced Human Experience.  Awaken 100% DNA Intelligence!

And the Special Edition DMT Pineal Gland Activation ORMUS 

This limited Edition ORMUS has been created with the DMT codes to Activate DMT in the Pineal Gland allowing you to rewire DMN, Default Mode Network.  Oftentimes DMN becomes too hardwired, making it hard to shift out of limiting patterns, depression or break bad habits.  When using the frequency of DMT, we can loosen these hardwired connections allowing you to shift out of limitation and start tapping into the other 90% of your potential.  


DMT Coded live event with DMT Readings! Awakening dormant DNA and awaken the Quantum Body.  Awaken a frequency within the body that holds space/ no time and live beyond the timeline of aging through the intelligence of your innate being.  Recordings of Event will be emailed out after the live.