Mastery Empowerment Course: Self-Love Alchemy Academy

A 7-week live and interactive program to clear your blocks to love.


Mastery Empowerment Course: Self-Love Alchemy Academy (7 Week Program)

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Self-Love Alchemy Academy is a 7-week immersive and interactive program designed to help you  Unlock your true potential, embrace self-worth, and thrive

  • Harness the power of self-love for transformative change.
  • Shed layers of insecurity, unworthiness, and fear.
  • Reframe limiting beliefs that hinder your progress.
  • End people-pleasing and seek validation within.
  • Rediscover your authentic self and embody its energy.
  • Embrace self-kindness, compassion, and love.
  • Tap into your unique gifts and master the art of creation.

You will learn and experience:

  • How to alchemize any issue (negative emotions, self-criticism, limiting beliefs, past wounds, and more) back into love.
  • The 7 pathways to self-identify where you’ve built barriers to love so you can transmute them.
  • How love is pure creation and how to reconnect this level of consciousness within you.
  • Taking part in this course is more than just an educational opportunity; it’s an immersive experience. Powerful energy shifts occur when we receive and integrate.

You will receive high-frequency light transmissions, along with guided meditations that significantly help you release past pains and embody more love in your life.


Jen holds a powerful container of healing and will work with the group throughout the series to clear density in the body so you can be open to receiving more of your divine self.

By being present, not only will you learn valuable, transformational lessons and take with you powerful tools that you’ll be able to utilize FOR LIFE, but you’ll also benefit and heal in new ways through Jen’s healing energy and love.

What’s Included:

  • 6 live, interactive and light infused zoom gatherings with Jen. (10/3, 10/10,  10/17, 10/24, 11/1  – PLUS BONUS CLASS DATE TBD.
  • 7 online modules with invaluable and easy-to-apply content infused with energy-shifting healing meditations that will get you from stuck and insecure, to compassionate, loving and confident.
  • Downloadable guided meditations and sound healing journeys to step up your meditation game and make the most of this powerful tool.
  • Downloadable light language transmissions to give you support to transform your issues with money, health, manifesting, and much more.

7 weeks of Modules: 7 Pillars of Self Love 


  • Restore your connection to your higher self.
  • Open up to receiving and embodying the divine feminine.
  • Learn how to build the trust you need to know that the universe has your back.


  • Gain awareness of what you are creating in your life to ease the process of creation.
  • Activate clarity and heighten intuition to support your self-love journey.
  • Learn the methods I personally use to manage self-criticism, judgment, and negative thinking.


  • Access a self-healing guide on how to use compassion to heal most anything.
  • Activate your sacred (higher) heart to embody more love.
  • Learn how to become a powerful force of love and stop taking on energy from others.


  • How to use compassion to heal most anything
  • Activate your sacred (higher) heart to embody more love
  • How to be a powerful force of love and stop taking on energy from others

Module Five: COURAGE

  • Start releasing fear, victim energy, and disempowerment with a practice that will go deep into your limiting beliefs.
  • Activate confidence, courage, and strength to BE fully you!
  • Embrace your inner powers (especially those hidden in the shadows).


  • Learn the most powerful way to release stored emotions.
  • Uncover relationship roadblocks with the magic of your body.
  • Tap into the storehouse of unlimited creativity within you.

Module Seven: PRESENCE

  • Make peace with your body again, and finally heal your relationship with your body.
  • Learn how embodiment is a key to self-love.
  • Incorporate a daily self-healing practice and make self-care a regular part of your routine.