Option 3: Self-Love Alchemy Academy (7 Week Program)

Plus Option 1 & 2

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Self Love Alchemy Academy Plus Option 1 and 2

  • Plus Option 1

2 Payment Option Available

This robust 7-week immersive experience is designed to guide you to:

  • Reconnect you to who you truly are.
  • Embrace yourself with kindness, compassion and love.  
  • Release layers of insecurity, unworthiness and fear.
  • Release the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. 
  • Dump people pleasing and stop seeking approval outside of yourself!

If you’re ready to fully express your authentic self and renew your passion for life…

if you’ve been waiting for direction, courage and support…

this is your sign.

Your time is now!

Self-Love Alchemy is 7 week immersive and interactive program designed to help you release the wounds that have created self-doubt, fear & unworthiness, reconnect to who you truly are and embrace yourself with kindness, compassion and love.

This program is not just learning, it is experiencing. Through receiving and integrating, powerful shifts of energy occur. You will receive high-frequency light transmissions along with guided meditations that significantly help you release past pain and embody more love.

Jen holds a powerful container of healing and will be working with the group throughout the series to clear density in the body so you can open to receive more of your divine self.  By being present, you will benefit and heal in new ways.

How it’s delivered:

  • Weekly live Zoom
  • 7-weeks of modules
  • Weekly energy transmissions
  • Guided meditations
  • Light language transmissions

Are you ready to open to self-love?  

Each week we will meet live to experience light-encoded energy activations to clear our bodies at the cellular and DNA level. You will clear stored trauma and activate your light bodies and embody more love.  You will also receive guided high-frequency meditations within the modules so you can continue do this work in between our live meetings.

How This Program Flows and What You Will Receive:

7 weekly live and online learning modules. 

  • 7 live weekly interactive Zoom meetings with personalized attention.
  • 7 learning weekly modules in Kajabi with a variety of content to implement change. This is a hands-on course!
  • 3-4 Powerhouse guest speakers.
  • Guided meditations to go deeper into your self-love journey.
  • Light Language transmissions to create significant shifts at the deepest levels. (Customized to Class)
  • Healing transmissions to release heavy emotions, lower energies, past pain and trauma.
  • Comprehensive self-love guidebook to integrate your experiences.
  • 7 light language activations supporting the empowerment of 7 pillars of self-love.
  • Practical and implementable practices that will create everlasting change.

7 weeks of Modules: 7 Pillars of Self Love 


  • Restore your connection to your higher self
  • Open up receiving by embodying divine feminine
  • Build trust that the universe has your back


  •  Become aware of what you are creating in your life
  • Activate clarity and heighten intuition to support self love journey
  • How to manage self-criticism, judgement and negative thinking


  •  Unlock the blocks and filters of your voice
  • Clear past trauma related to being shut down
  • How to use your voice for healing


  • How to use compassion to heal most anything
  • Activate your sacred (higher) heart to embody more love
  • How to be a powerful force of love and stop taking on energy from others

Module Five: COURAGE

  • Deep release of fear, victim energy and disempowerment
  • Activate confidence, courage and strength to BE fully you!
  • Embrace your power (especially hidden in shadow)


  •  Learn the most powerful way to release stored emotions
  •  Uncover the relationship with the magic of your body.
  • Tap into the storehouse of unlimited creativity within you

Module Seven: PRESENCE

  • Heal your discordant relationship with your body
  • How embodiment is a key to self-love
  • Incorporate a daily-self healing practice

Jen holds the space for learning and growth and empowers you to fully embrace your highest potential. Her guidance and wisdom has lead me to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthier and stronger than ever. She has awakened gifts within me and I am forever grateful.


When we all joined we knew there would be growth and change… but the depth of what did happen was incomprehensible to all of us at the time. The expansion was exponential! I have so much love and gratitude for you Jen for creating this opportunity for us all.  And ladies who I journeyed with you are forever my kin

Shelley C.

I was just thinking about how grateful I am for you and all of the girls in this group that we shared together. How much we have changed and grown and stepped into our power. My life is forever changed because of this experience and I’m so grateful you are continuing this journey with others who need you and the wisdom you are here to share!



We begin 4.4.22

We are communing with the season of Spring to support your emergence of love!

You will receive access to each weekly Module on the Monday beginning that week.

Each weekly live zoom call will be held Tuesday evenings.  Everything recorded!

You will have access to this course for one year and you can download the meditations and light language tracks to keep forever!

Live Zoom Dates & Times

Weekly Zooms will be held each Tuesday at 6:30pm CT / 7:30pm ET

Guest Speakers Zoom meetings will be announced soon!

Module 1: April 5th

Module 2: April 12th

Module 3: April 19th

Module 4: April 26th

Module 5: May 3rd

Module 6: May 10th

Module 7: May 17th