Option 2: Energy Alchemists’ Community Membership: 3 Month Membership Masterclass

Includes the latest Energy Alchemists’ Session

Option 2: Energy Alchemists' Community Membership: 3 Month Membership Masterclass


2 Payment Option Available

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Beauty of  Community, Commitment and Courage


I have made this a simple, no-brainer and no-barrier choice for anyone who feels stuck, overwhelmed in life, not on the ideal path and has a sense there is something more.

We have all have limiting beliefs, (ie. life is hard or I have to do it myself) stuck energy from the past (any physical issues in the body) and trapped emotions (ie. anxiety, low self esteem, resentment, anger etc.).  By joining this community, you’ll have access to monthly masterclass and healing sessions, a library of energetic healing transmissions and meditations that are all geared towards you creating a powerful practice for yourself while tapping into powerful healing energies to shift whatever needs attention in your life.

This is for you if you would like to commit to yourself and your spiritual journey while being supported with many tools, resources, and community!

3 month membership – access will expire 3 months after purchase

BONUS #1:  A personalized energy healing and light language recording that will be sent via an audio file.

BONUS #2: Access to “Optimize Your New Year“, a course to support manifesting your best year!

  • Receive clarity about what direction you want to go?
  • Build a strategy to actualize your big dreams?
  • Clear obstacles of limiting beliefs and emotions?
  • Infuse your creations with magic and power?
  • Create easy and digestible implementable habits leading to big changes?

“It is absolutely amazing to work with Jennifer! She gets right to the heart of the issue and works with you to release all the junk that’s holding you back. She does it with compassion and love. She has helped me make remarkable changes in my life and I will forever be grateful.”

Amy Graham