Option 1: Self-Love Alchemy guidebook with 7 Light Language Activations

Plus Bonus: Optimize Your New Year Mini Course

Option 1:Self-Love Alchemy Guidebook with Activations


2 Payment Option Available

An opportunity for you to alchemize your pain into love. You will receive an interactive 27-page Self-Love Alchemy Guidebook, exploring the 7 Pillars of Self-Love. Use these 7 pillars to unlock the separation between you and love, you and joy, you and your truth!
Each day for 7 days, you’ll receive an audio meditation with energetic light language transmission to shift your energy into more self-love!

  • Day 1: Connection
  • Day 2: Perception
  • Day 3: Authenticity
  • Day 4: Compassion
  • Day 5: Courage
  • Day 6: Allowance
  • Day 7: Presence

The light language transmissions you will receive will address each Pillar by clearing energetic blocks and strengthening the energetic frequency of each Pillar.

Total Value: $144

Special Offer: $33


You will also Receive instant access to this mini-course to provide you everything you need to step into a creator state!

What you’ll get:

  • 5 videos with instruction and energetic infused meditations and transmissions
  • 2 Pre-recorded Zooms
  • 8 Light Language transmissions to align with your creator potential

Build a foundation of creation to take you where you want to go!