Special Offer Package: Harmonize All of You With All

Special Offer Package: Harmonize All of You With All


2 Payment Option Available

  • 60-day Harmonize Essentials Course (value $500)
    discounted to $97
  • Harmonize All of You with All video book
  • 30 minute intro video to guide you basic practice of Harmonizing
  • and FREE bonus access to live energy reading by Artie to tweak your health, healing, and hearing your guides.

This course is a 4-fold breakthrough. You learn:

1.How to Harmonize All of You with All, a fusion of highest disciplines that’s doable in minutes, anytime, anywhere. You then can pause briefly throughout your day to cleanse, balance, and dramatically expand your subtle energies by returning to be ever more newly, fully you.

2.How to use Subtle Energy Literacy so that you can read energetically anything, about anyone, anywhere, in response not only to “yes/no” questions but also “how much.” You then can draw on higher knowing to inform any decisions, as well as self-care choices, understanding of the sources of triggers, and endlessly more, including how to be in more precise dialogue with your Guides.

3.How to blend these two skills to bless your way to inner healing. You can then not only reach all the way into your trauma of traumas since birth, but also be able to check your progress with a grounded, experiential method that can be more reliable that belief, opinion, hunch, or unchecked intuition.

4.How to turn inner communing, you, now, with you from the many troubled moments you’ve lived, inside-out. You can then recruit Divine cosmic powers for both manifesting in your own life, and energetic-spiritual activism, to heal others and join in healing our world.

Here’s the sequence of how I will share, guide, and keep you company energetically (separations in space & time dissolve in the subtle realm of energy):

This course consists of 12 modules, 5 lessons each, sent (“dripped” to you) in 60 consecutive days, 8-12 min video, and about a page of text.

The range of instruction covers 6 Module-topics, in 2 cycles.

Cycle 1:

1 Basic Practice

2 Subtle Energy Literacy (basic psychic reading of energy)

3 Opening Bodily Suppleness through 12 energetic centers

4 Blessing Your Way to Heal Your Inner Family of Younger You’s, from infancy

5 Streaming Sublime Energy for Self and World Healing

6 Seeing, Hearing, Feeling Live Exchanges with Advanced Coaches

Cycle 2:

Deepen your practice and understanding aided by a new intro and added text with each of the first 30 lessons.

The challenge in this cycle is to view these lessons imagining YOU are teaching them.