Offer 3: Embodying Christ Consciousness

Balancing the Masculine-Feminine within to heal the body and embrace Union

Three 3 hour Zoom classes

Offer 3: Embodying Christ Consciousness


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Are you afraid to trust love and negotiate intimacy, including sexual intimacy in relationship?
Are you feeling disconnected, distant and frozen in your own body?
​Are you frustrated in your attempts to understand your body or confused by its messages?

Embodying the sacred balance of the foundational Divine Feminine and Masculine portals within liberates the human body to return to its Divine blueprint or Cosmic Union.

The unresolved trauma blocking divine embodiment and causing many health issues is often deeply embedded in lineage, collective and ancestral patterns and belief systems, raising resistance, avoidance and dissociation in our path to their resolution. Clearing this level of trauma can be expedited exponentially through a high vibration group healing field, heart commitment and focused intention.

The energetic trauma healing, class teachings and home exercises will assist in integrating, supporting and assimilating the behavior change necessary to embody Union. Countless changes in physical and psychological functionality arise from the miraculous restoration of the sacred dance of embodied union between the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.