Embodied Quantum Union

Dissolving into the Web of Life

Mini Retreat Series

9/24, 10/22, 11/19 & 12/17/22 all day, plus group inner meditation once/month

9:30 AM – 4:30 PM PST with 2 hour lunch break; Fall equinox to Winter solstice – 3 months

Embodied Quantum Union: Mini Retreat Series


Making the choice to fully inhabit our bodies and our lives here on Earth, in this moment, is the gateway to embodying expanded states of consciousness and union. The opportunity of lifetimes to liberate our bodies from the space-time continuum, while still maintaining form is upon us! Engaging this opportunity will allow us to merge into the tapestry of wholeness and interconnectedness with the web of life, infused by the bond of love.

Many have long since disconnected from the nurturance and ecstasy of communing with the Divine Feminine, whose spirit lives in our bodies, our hearts, our lands, and in the creatures and plants of the Earth. We have not only left our bodies, we have also lost connection with the Earth Mother.

Three reasons account for the profound disconnection that threatens our very survival:

  1. Parochial religious and patriarchal spiritual consciousness have promoted spiritual development that denies the heart and body (DF) and suppresses the deepest core emotional wounds, thus, cementing disconnection from Life.
  2. Humanity has been infused with a powerful motivation to dissociate and to reject love, driven by fear and terror from past trauma (DF violations), which keeps self-destructive patterns of isolation, judgment, loneliness, addiction, separation, distrust, unworthiness and victimization locked in the body.
  3. Centuries of disconnection from our hearts and bodies mean we have effectively lost connection with our innate capacity for self-healing and gnosis with the regenerative flow of love from the Earth Mother Womb.

We are urgently called to return to our quantum origins by courageously purifying the depths of the trauma and fear-based conditioning so that our quantum bodies may emerge once again in harmony, equality, and love. …so that we might collectively honor Life, the Earth, our bodies and the rhythms of Nature.

The Feminine Christ vortex engages deep, on-going cellular healing. It lifts individual, lineage, and collective human trauma from the DNA memory, liberating the flow of the river of love and unity within.