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Please join us for this in-depth class on the Viking Runes.  The Runes are 25 symbols  used during Viking times as an alphabet.  It is also used as a system of divination and understanding situations from the spirit world through symbols.  Finally, each Rune itself is a spiritual being or consciousness that you can connect to and learn from.

Gene had a dream during the Iceland tour where he met a female elf.  The elves are inter-dimensional beings living alongside the Iceland people in a different dimension.  This elf used what looked like a knife to pull a long string object out of Gene’s skin.  This string turned into a metal symbol that looked like a compass.  With further understanding, contemplation, and synchronicities that next day on the tour, Gene realized this object was a Rune and that the elf queen had given him a deeper gift and understanding of the Runes which are qualities inside of us.

This Mastery Empowerment class is an exposure to 9 of the 25 Runes as frequencies of healing and spiritual consciousness as guides.  We chose these nine Runes through a process of casting the Runes for this event so they were chosen with the assistance of the Spirits associated with the Runes, Odin, and the Elves.  These 9 Rune Frequencies and Guides will be worked with in the sessions to bring added healing, depth of understanding, and wisdom on the spiritual path.  Below is a listing by day and description of each Rune.

Day 01

  1. Fehu (F)-This rune talks about new beginnings, new things, wealth, abundance, good health, and fertility.  This is the first rune in the series of 25 runes so it is synchronistic for this event that it showed up in the casting of the runes as the first rune to work with.  We will increase our internal and external abundance, wealth, and generosity by connecting to this rune.
  1. Tiwaz (T)-Here we work with the Polar Star energy and light that emanates from a star.  We connect to the cosmic divine and use this rune as a portal of connection to our Star Brothers and Sisters.
  1. Laguz (L)-With this rune we work with the element of water.  This force brings both a creative and life-giving aspect as well as a clearing or destructive aspect.  We will work with both forces to clear out the old and give birth to the new.

Day 02

  1. Ehwaz (E)–  This rune means horse.  It conveys the idea of journeying in a physical and spiritual sense.  We will work with this energy and consciousness to enhance, prepare, and undertake our physical and spiritual journeys in this life and beyond.
  1. Sowilo (S)– Sowilo means sun.   This is the Life Force energy that we need to nourish all aspects of our life.  We connect to this cosmic chi or life force energy both within and without in order to accomplish our personal destiny.
  1. Raido (R)– This rune represents the sun as it journeys across the sky during the day.  Raido also means ride.  We will work with this rune energy to enhance our own journey across all cycles of time in our path of spiritual maturity.

Day 03

  1. Wunjo (W or V)– This rune means joy and particularly the joy generated from your connection to a group, family, or tribe.  We bring through joy on all levels of life by working with this frequency, energy, and consciousness.
  1. Algiz (Z)–  This rune literally means elk.  The elk represents strength and protection.  We work with this protective frequency on all seven subtle bodies and dimensions: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritul, and divine protection.
  1. Dagaz (D)-This rune is the midday sun in all its splendor.  We work with this energy and power to bring forth all that we are capable of in this life.  This frequency caps our experience of joy, light, power, and full vitality in all aspects of our life.

Join us for this deep experience in Norse wisdom and intuition as we tap into the power of who we are and who we are capable of becoming.  We will also work with the various power spots in Iceland to enhance the power and understanding of the Runes in our life.

This is an on-line event.  Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recordings of the session.

Enjoy this Bonus with this Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: The Arcturian High Frequency Light (AHFL) Healing Sessions

In this Mastery Empowerment Course will will be going through three full and complete healing sessions covering the 1) Physical and Etheric Bodies 2) the Emotional and Mental Bodies and 3) the Causal, Spiritual, and Divine Bodies. Below is a full description of each 1 hour healing session.

1) Session 1-Physical and Etheric Body Healing Session

Here we will be cleansing and energizing all the major physiological systems in the body. We will cover the Endocrine, Nervous System, Gastrointestinal System, Cardiovascular System, and Excretory System (Kidneys and Skin). This will leave the energy body healing of major dysfunction and lead to a higher vibratory field starting from the physical and working towards the etheric. This will also allow spiritual practitioners to hold more light and vibration in the higher subtle bodies.

2) Session 2-Emotional and Mental Body Healing Session

Here we will be clearing all old traumas and samskaras from past and present lifetimes. We will then clear negative habitual patterns and finally subconscious blocks towards health, wealth, and happiness. We will also clear any programming that occurred subconsciously in the first seven years of this life that may no longer be serving us.

3) Session 3-Karmic, Spiritual, and Divine Healing Session

In this final session we tackle negative karmic patterns that my be holding us back.. We also can imprint positive karmic patterns that will work on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life. The Arcturian High Frequency Light will also access our Akashic Records to allow for a deeper understanding or our current life pattern. The energies will also switch timelines if this necessary to move forward in the best possible way on our karmic and soul destiny. Finally, we will clear any blockages towards the recognition of our divine non-dual state of awareness on a moment to moment basis.

After each healing session, we will have ample time for discussion and an unpacking of the energies and their effect on our subtle bodies and consciousness.

This is an on-line event. Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recordings of the session.