Mastery Empowerment Course: The Galactic Transmissions

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Gene's Latest Arcturian Transmissions


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In this Mastery Empowerment Course we will be fully downloading and unpacking the recent transmissions received at Mt. Shasta during a number of night time sightings.  These transmissions are meant to raise the frequency and vibration of the participants to assist them in moving forward in the next stage hitting our planet with the coming shifts and alterations in frequency.  As we move forward into the new cycle, we can be assisted to ride the wave of these higher energies by already being at a higher frequency and clarity with the assistance of these galactic transmissions.  The sightings at Mt. Shasta represents InterDimensional Beings here to assist the planet and help humanity move forward in consciousness-to embrace both our physical and non-physical realities as co-creators.

Each session is meant to assist us first in clearing any low frequency energies in our seven subtle bodies.  After this intense but short clearing phase, the transmission energies will elevate the vibratory rate and frequency in all the seven subtle bodies and consciousness.  Below is the overall theme for each of the three meetings.  However, each person may have their individual intentions moving forward in their accelerated consciousness path and this will be supported by the transmission and downloads in this series.

Day 01-Becoming Frequency Holders-raising our frequency in order to serve the planet.  We are frequency holders and by imbuing our energy field and seven subtle bodies with these new galactic codes we emanate consciousness and connection which raises the frequencies of love and harmony on the planet.  We may actively be involved in sending frequencies to others or in many cases just by being in various locations we help raise the overall vibration on the planet.  This transmission will assist us also in being better conduits of healing energies in general.

Day 02-Galactic Gold Colors in the Aura-we continue to raise our frequency and color in our seven subtle bodies.  In this transmission we make all our seven subtle bodies and consciousness raise to the vibratory color and frequency of gold.  This harmonious and high frequency light comes from the Galactic Beings and will help us acquire various abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and healing at an easier and more adept rate.

Day 03-Galactic Unity Consciousness-we finally culminate with a transmission to help us to acquire galactic consciousness and unity consciousness with all beings.  We realize we are co-creators with these beings and are also helping in our non-physical forms of consciousness as we safeguard the planet from low frequency energies and consciousness.  Many of us are already working subconsciously at night to assist these Higher Beings in raising the overall frequency of the planet.  This transmission will help us bring through more Divine Power in this regard and make this subtle plane work more conscious and effective.  This transmission helps us to work astrally and out of body.

In addition to the transmissions, we will have ample time to unpack our connections to these InterDimensional Galactic Beings that we have had in our own sightings, visions, journeys, and dreams.  The three day immersion is also a form of InterDimensional Contact with these beings that are helping the planet.  Downloads and transmissions occur beyond the 2 hour meetings every day and may occur in waking visions and the dream/sleep state.

All participants will also receive the mp3 recordings to continue this interdimensional work to help assist the planet during these challenging times.

Enjoy this Bonus with this Course

Bonus: The Fields of Divinity: the Solar Sun Transmissions

3 Sessions in Audio & Video File

with energy transmissions extracted into individual audios.

Join us to receive the downloads and transmissions from the recent visit to Peru and the sacred sites there.  We will be focusing the three days of this Mastery Empowerment Course to tune in and receive the energy and information from the etheric Golden Sun Temples anchored physically in the Peruvian Sacred Sites.  Gene will be returning from 12 days of touring the various sacred sites in Peru.  We will focus on the subtle physical etheric realm called the Fields of Divinity.  This subtle physical realm or astral dimension close to the physical world is supposedly where the Incan Spiritual Teachers and Forces went to after disappearing from the physical world.  This Fields of Divinity of the Incan Spiritual Tradition sounds very similar to a term coined by Samual Sagan from the Clairvision Meditation School called the Fields of Peace.  The Fields of Peace, taken from an Egyptian world called sekhet hetepet, is a subtle realm close to our physical world where Masters and Spiritual Schools operate to help raise the frequency and vibration of our planet.  The three days of transmissions, discussions, and learnings in this Mastery Empowerment Class on the Fields of Divinity will help us to connect to this location in the inner world and the Masters there.

The three days are broken down into the following transmissions and topics:

1) Day 1-The Galactic Center/Father Sun Transmission-here we will be connecting to Light on all levels.  We will receive the light in our heart and connect it to the light of the Father Sun and the Galactic Center.  The transmission will increase our Light Power and allow this to radiate out to all beings, all dimensions, and all ley lines on the globe.  We will learn solar Andean practices to imbibe this Light into all of our being.  We will also go over ley lines emanating from Peru into other sacred sites on the planet.

2) Day 2-Golden Serpent/Kundalini Transmission-Here will focus on imbuing our energetic spine with the golden energy of the serpent who then flies in the inner world.  We will learn how to do these practices and anchor this spiritual golden energy into our energetic spine and brain.  We will connect with the universal pattern of the Caduceus and the serpent power that runs through the ley lines of the planet.  This process will help raise the overall frequency in our system and the greater grid structure on the planet.

3) Day 3-The One Eye Spiritual Vision Transmission.  In the Andean Tradition the third eye is referred to as the One Eye or First Eye.  We will learn Andean Solar Practices to cleanse the energy of the physical eyes and the third eye tunnel and energy structures.  This will allow us to see more deeply into things and situations and to allow our hearts to read what is needed during any one time or period.

Please join us for these unique transmissions as we connect to the Andean, Incan, and Pre-Incan Masters and Teachers.  This will also deepen our connection to the Divine and our current Guides, Teachers, and Spiritual Forces guiding us now.  We will be bringing through a whole new pattern of energy for this next cycle on the planet.

This is an on-line event.  Everyone who registers will be part of the group energy field and receive the energy even if you cannot make the live sessions.  Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recordings of the session.