Mastery Empowerment Course: The Ancestors Transmissions

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Gene's Latest Arcturian Transmissions


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In this next Mastery Empowerment Class we will be connecting to our Ancestors and to the Ancestors from the Maori Culture in New Zealand.  The following six transmissions held over the next three meetings are downloads received in a dream by Gene when he connected with the Ancestors from the Maori Tribes located in New Zealand.  This coincides with an upcoming spiritual tour and initiation process being held physically in New Zealand this October.

In the dream an amazing dynamic stone boulder with multiple frequencies was emanating in a gyroscope manner.  This dynamic vortex of energy contained the healing information meant to be transmitted from the Ancestors and Higher Beings in the Upper World Associated with the Maori Tribes in New Zealand.  These six transmissions are an initial unpacking of this information and energy meant to help people connect with their own ancestors and their spiritual initiation process.

The first day focuses on transmissions to connect to Peace and Good Health.  These  frequencies will bring peace and calmness to the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine levels.  This is the peace in the midst of a storm or the silence in which we can hear the still small voice of the divine.  In addition, this transmission will convey healing frequencies to heal and restore vitality to the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine levels.

The second day’s transmission focuses on bringing through the energy and information of the Ancestors to bring forth Balance/Harmony and Prosperity/Abundance.  Our ancestors are always looking after us to bring balance to the five elements in our individual, environmental, and collective system.  This transmission will also bring forward prosperity and abundance by connecting us with our land energies and the spirits that make up the environment where we live and where we were born.

The third and final transmission connects to the energy and information from the Ancestors both from the Maori Tradition and our Own Personal Ancestors to bring forward Loving Kindness and Global Peace.  The beings in the spirit world see our current challenges and are here to help us reconnect to the fabric of the Universe which is unconditional love.  They also see the current stresses and challenges facing us as a global community and are here to bring forward the solution sets and information to restore balance, peace, and harmony on an ecological and global level.

Join us in connecting to the information field of your Ancestors and the Ancestors in the Maori Tradition.  This is a set of initiation transmissions meant to help us move forward both individually and collectively.

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Bonus: The Arcturian Temples

3 Sessions in Audio & Video File

with energy transmissions extracted into individual audios.

Welcome to the next installment of the Arcturian Mastery Empowerment Courses.

In this course we will be downloading and working with the Arcturian Temples.  The Arcturian Temples are energetic structures that assist in connecting us to personal, group, and planetary sacred sites.  These sacred sites can exist in our subtle bodies, the land on which we live, and the major hubs on the planet and beyond this planet.  The grid system created allows a free flow of energy and information among all energetic systems on the planet.  This three part session with the Arcturians will help to strengthen this grid system and allow a deeper connection to our Higher Self and the Unified Field.  Also, we will be strengthening the planetary and galactic grid system to allow more openings and the free flow of information from the subtle realms onto the planet.

There will be three sessions with an hour or more energetic transmissions in which our Higher Self, Our Guides, and the Arcturian will work with the Divine Power Spots (Arcturian Temples) within our subtle energetic anatomy and the energetic anatomy of the land, the planet, and the interplanetary/galactic system.  After each energy transmission, we will have an open discussion on what is unpacking and unfolding for each person and also a discussion on key points on how to connect with these sacred power spots in our subtle bodies and the subtle bodies of the planet and beyond.

1) Session One-Arcturian Temples on the Personal Level: Here we will be receiving a purple transmission sphere which will amplify, boost, and connect the inner temples in our subtle energetic anatomy.  We have personal power spots in our subtle bodies, energetic hubs, that allow us to more easily connect to the overlying grid system of the planet and beyond.  We will be strengthening this grid system and its connection to the larger grid system of the planet.

2) Session Two-Arcturian Temples on the Group Level: In this session we will be working with our local land and its connection both to ourselves as well as to the greater planetary grid system.  By connecting with the land in which we live and creating Arcturian Temples or energetic hub systems on the land, we help increase the vibration and support for all beings and places in our local environment.  In this case we become energetic caretakers of the land we live and in return it helps support us in prosperity, wealth, abundance, and calm.

3) Session Three-Arcturian Temples on the Planetary and Galactic Level: This session works to create, strengthen, and vitalize this inter-planetary subtle energetic information communication system.  We will be connecting our personal subtle body systems with the planet’s grid system and beyond.  By doing this we help to continue to raise the vibration of the planet and the interplanetary communication that exists at this level.  Inter-dimensional help and contact are more easily maintained when this personal and planetary grid connection is made.  Also, we will be helping to connect sacred power spots with our conscious intent and the help of the Arcturian Consciousness and energy.

Please join this unique training and as well as service to the planet and Unified Field during this time of the Equinoxes.  This program is especially geared towards lightworkers, healers, and planetary grid workers as well as individuals hoping to accelerate their understanding of their greater connection to others and the world.

All participants will receive the mp3 recordings following each session which can be used later for planetary work when people visit various sacred power spots across the globe.  More on how to use the mp3s in this manner will be covered in the training.