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Please join us as we continue to unfold and unpack the new Arcturian Healing Method Level 12 frequencies with the Arcturian Omni Frequencies.  These frequencies from the Arcturians help to put us in resonance with our true self as Divine Beings.  The three Arcturian Omni Frequencies include the Arcturian Omnipresence Healing Frequency, the Arcturian Omnipotence Healing Frequency, and the Arcturian Omniscience Healing Frequency.  Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience have been used to describe the Divine or Creator as All-Present, All-Powerful, and All-Knowing.  In the non-dual state of consciousness we are unified with the Divine and therefore our divine consciousness has these same qualities.  These Arcturian Omni Frequencies help to put us in resonance and remembrance of these inherent qualities of consciousness within us.  From these states of mind we then manifest those qualities into form such as beneficial and balanced presence in the world; helpful and powerful actions in the world; and finally insightful and creative thoughts in the world.

We will be focusing on a full hour healing session for each of the three sessions where we utilize in a comprehensive way each of the Arcturian Omni Frequencies to maximize how we show up in the world.  Below is a brief description of each session and what we will achieve in each session:

Session 1:  Arcturian Omnipresence Healing Frequency-How We Show Up in the World, Our Frequency, and Vibration

If our ultimate state of divine consciousness is omnipresent; then we are in all places and at all times.  This is not our limited form as a physical body or egoic consciousness, but as a non-dual unified state of consciousness with the all.  We will first go into resonance with this quality of omnipresence utilizing the Arcturian Omnipresence Frequency and then we will channel ways to express this quality in our form body as enlightening sounds, vibrations, and frequencies in all our subtle bodies in duality (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, and spiritual).

Session 2: Arcturian Omnipotence Healing Frequency-How We Function in the World

We work with in this session the divine quality of omnipotence-what does it mean to come into the world with full potential and possibility and to manifest this possibility into form.  When we look at Nature we see this reflection of divine omnipotence as seedlings continue to manifest and reproduce the divine blueprint inherent in each of their make-ups.  We also have this divine blueprint to manifest myriad possibilities and our life in the physical incarnation is a reflection of this divine potential.  We will first come into contact and resonance with our divine omnipotent consciousness and then open up the leeways and channels to have this power manifest in all possible dimensions of existence (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine).  This is the Divine Blueprint in Action.

Session 3: Arcturian Omniscience Healing Frequency-Our All Pervasive Thoughts in the World

In this last session we work with the Arcturian Omniscience Healing Frequency to fine tune our resonance with our Divine Consciousness and the Divine Thought Forms that we can create through that state of consciousness.  As we identify with this all pervasive Mind of God, we can then manifest these thoughts in a way that is helpful or dynamic to other sentient beings in all dimensions.  An example of this is a person who is depressed and despondent.  All of the sudden they receive spontaneous insight and encouragement to go on.  Many times she is not aware where this boost of energy and positive thinking comes from.  She may interpret it as coming from herself.  However it is possible that Beings who have omniscience have the capacity to send these encouraging thoughts to others in their direst needs.  We all have this capacity of consciousness reflected in the omniscient quality of who we are.  This session will help us to remember and go into resonance with our omniscient quality of consciousness and the avenues it can best manifest in all dimensions.

These sessions are meant to bring out the highest qualities in ourselves and how we show up in the world.  The manifestation of our omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience shows up as spiritual gifts or abilities such as healing at a distance, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, and manifestation capacity.  These are reflections of Our Divine Birthright and Power.

In addition to the hour-long energy session, we will have time to go over ways to manifest these divine qualities in the world and also unpack our experiences while sharing with others.  Also the field of energy continues throughout the day and night when we are not formally meeting on-line so participants may continue to gain insights, receive downloads, and have powerful dreams that extend their acceleration of consciousness from the program.

This is an on-line event.  Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recordings of the session.

Enjoy this Bonus with this Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: The Arcturian High Frequency Light (AHFL) Healing Sessions

In this Mastery Empowerment Course will will be going through three full and complete healing sessions covering the 1) Physical and Etheric Bodies 2) the Emotional and Mental Bodies and 3) the Causal, Spiritual, and Divine Bodies. Below is a full description of each 1 hour healing session.

1) Session 1-Physical and Etheric Body Healing Session

Here we will be cleansing and energizing all the major physiological systems in the body. We will cover the Endocrine, Nervous System, Gastrointestinal System, Cardiovascular System, and Excretory System (Kidneys and Skin). This will leave the energy body healing of major dysfunction and lead to a higher vibratory field starting from the physical and working towards the etheric. This will also allow spiritual practitioners to hold more light and vibration in the higher subtle bodies.

2) Session 2-Emotional and Mental Body Healing Session

Here we will be clearing all old traumas and samskaras from past and present lifetimes. We will then clear negative habitual patterns and finally subconscious blocks towards health, wealth, and happiness. We will also clear any programming that occurred subconsciously in the first seven years of this life that may no longer be serving us.

3) Session 3-Karmic, Spiritual, and Divine Healing Session

In this final session we tackle negative karmic patterns that my be holding us back.. We also can imprint positive karmic patterns that will work on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life. The Arcturian High Frequency Light will also access our Akashic Records to allow for a deeper understanding or our current life pattern. The energies will also switch timelines if this necessary to move forward in the best possible way on our karmic and soul destiny. Finally, we will clear any blockages towards the recognition of our divine non-dual state of awareness on a moment to moment basis.

After each healing session, we will have ample time for discussion and an unpacking of the energies and their effect on our subtle bodies and consciousness.

This is an on-line event. Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recordings of the session.