Mastery Empowerment Course: Codes in the Sand Transmissions

Mastery Empowerment Course: Gene's Latest Transmission


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In this series of empowerments and transmissions, we will be downloading the codes and insights that Gene just received from his visit to Mt. Coolum and the Sunshine Coast in Australia.  The land spirits and ancestors there in the spiritual worlds as well as all land spirits and ancestors around the world, gave certain universal downloads during the trip.  The three main themes and transmissions are below:

1) Slow Down To Increase Your Frequency-This first download is a message to modern humanity which is rapidly moving forward in all aspects of life and technology.  The state of consciousness of being rushed does not allow our frequency to access certain inner realms within our midst.  Our minds are going to fast to notice these openings, portals, and beings within our environment.  This message and state of consciousness which is slower, more deliberate, and more mindful is similar to what Aboriginals call Dreamtime-an inner spiritual realm giving rise to our physical world and interconnectedness within this world.  By slowing down our consciousness we regain access to these inner dimensions of life.

2) We are Eternal Beings-The next download transmission is the recognition that we are eternal beings.  That means everyone we are meeting we have met multiple times.  We should not leave any relationship in a frayed state with loose ends because we end up meeting this person again in another time or life.  This download and transmission focuses on harmony of relationships and forgiveness of any unmet concerns with someone we have met either in this life or a past life.

3) Telepathy-We are all telepathic.  The amount we are fully conscious of the thoughts, emotions, and energetic impact of others is variable; but, we all both have an effect on others with our mind, emotions, and energy and they have an effect on us.  For most, these effects are subliminal and subconscious.  This transmission both sharpens our telepathy and also the deep recognition that we are interconnected with everything in the universe both animate and inanimate.  We are dreaming and creating this universe.  Once we recognize and fully acknowledge this interconnectedness we see that everything is alive with energy and consciousness.  We are in constant communication with all that is.  Also, once we open up to a divine will and not our local mind’s will, we see the beauty of this interconnectedness that brings our life into harmony.  We access the same wisdom. intelligence, and power giving rise to the perfect movement and alignment of the stars, planets, and galaxies.

Please join us for these three important and joyous transmissions.  If you are looking to access wonder, meaning, and purpose in your life then these transmissions will assist you in remembering this inside yourself.  We also access these inner world guardian angels, Masters, and Guides who have been helping us through time and eternity to remember these inner truths within ourselves.

All participants will be included in the energy and receive the mp3 and mp4 recordings of the course.

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Mastery Empowerment Course: The Ancestors Transmissions

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In this next Mastery Empowerment Class we will be connecting to our Ancestors and to the Ancestors from the Maori Culture in New Zealand.  The following six transmissions held over the next three meetings are downloads received in a dream by Gene when he connected with the Ancestors from the Maori Tribes located in New Zealand.  This coincides with an upcoming spiritual tour and initiation process being held physically in New Zealand this October.

In the dream an amazing dynamic stone boulder with multiple frequencies was emanating in a gyroscope manner.  This dynamic vortex of energy contained the healing information meant to be transmitted from the Ancestors and Higher Beings in the Upper World Associated with the Maori Tribes in New Zealand.  These six transmissions are an initial unpacking of this information and energy meant to help people connect with their own ancestors and their spiritual initiation process.

The first day focuses on transmissions to connect to Peace and Good Health.  These  frequencies will bring peace and calmness to the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine levels.  This is the peace in the midst of a storm or the silence in which we can hear the still small voice of the divine.  In addition, this transmission will convey healing frequencies to heal and restore vitality to the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine levels.

The second day’s transmission focuses on bringing through the energy and information of the Ancestors to bring forth Balance/Harmony and Prosperity/Abundance.  Our ancestors are always looking after us to bring balance to the five elements in our individual, environmental, and collective system.  This transmission will also bring forward prosperity and abundance by connecting us with our land energies and the spirits that make up the environment where we live and where we were born.

The third and final transmission connects to the energy and information from the Ancestors both from the Maori Tradition and our Own Personal Ancestors to bring forward Loving Kindness and Global Peace.  The beings in the spirit world see our current challenges and are here to help us reconnect to the fabric of the Universe which is unconditional love.  They also see the current stresses and challenges facing us as a global community and are here to bring forward the solution sets and information to restore balance, peace, and harmony on an ecological and global level.

Join us in connecting to the information field of your Ancestors and the Ancestors in the Maori Tradition.  This is a set of initiation transmissions meant to help us move forward both individually and collectively.