Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Waking Down Transmissions

Mastery Empowerment Course: Gene's Latest Arcturian Transmissions


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Please join us for this deep dive as we experience and study the manifestation and de-manifestation process in all its levels.  We long for spiritual growth and insight.  We yearn for higher frequencies and higher levels of consciousness.  This is the Infinite Space which we truly are.  At the same time we find ourselves here in the real world of duality, taxes, and responsibilities.  This is the world of the Point of Light.  We are contracted or manifested into form.  In these series of transmissions, we learn to embrace both of these impulses in their highest form and resolve them into what is termed the Down to Earth perspective: we are both infinite and contracted at the same time.  This is the beauty of existence.

This training is made up of three transmissions and topics of inquiry, discussion, and learnings.  The three transmissions are:

1) Infinite Space-here the 1 hour transmission helps us to reclaim what is already present-our non-dual divine nature and consciousness.  We connect to our awakened guides and the Arcturians to remember our wholeness and unity consciousness in all its forms.

2) Point of Light-in the Point of Light transmission we go through the cosmic birth process to become manifest and contracted.  In its light and beautiful form this includes all our creative manifestation projects in the universe.  This is the Shakti divine feminine coming into manifestation as abundance, creativity, and prosperity.  However, manifestation can become contracted into equal experiences we call suffering.  When we hold onto form, run away from form, or become bored with form, we enter into difficult states of being.  In this transmission we learn to work with the beautiful and difficult forms of manifestation to maintain our equanimity.

3) Down to Earth-in this transmission we embody both our infinite nature as well as our contracted nature simultaneously.  We do not run towards or away from any experience.  Our consciousness can handle all experiences that come our way.  In these rapidly evolving times, where technology is playing a key part in humanity’s evolution and problems of consciousness are more nuanced, we need this capacity to see the infinite in all manifested experiences and the manifest in all infinite experiences.  We embrace duality and non-duality in one taste.

After each transmission, we will discuss and unpack the larger implications of the downloads we receive.  We exit the “either-or” universe and enter the “both-and” universe.  We also will incubate dreams each night to help continue the learnings and downloads during our night time sleep.  Even if you do not remember your dreams, the downloads and teachings from the Higher Beings invoked in this course will continue for the group at night.

All participants will be included in the energy of the sessions regardless if you can make the live times.  Everyone will receive the video and audio recordings.

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Inner Radiance and Glow Transmissions


Please join us for this end of the year Mastery Empowerment Program where we shine our best selves out into the world.  We are tapping into the natural inner radiance and glow that is inherent on a multi-dimensional level.  Think of the glow of a newborn and his or her mother’s energy field.  There is a pristine quality to the energy.  Also picture a rose or piece of fruit when it is at its most beautiful, fragrant, or ripe state.  This also reflects a natural radiance of the etheric body.  This is further exemplified in the other subtle bodies.  When a person holds loving thoughts over a sustained time and has cleared or eliminated thoughts of anger or hatred, their aura radiates bright and brilliant colors.  Again this reflects the cleansing and energizing of the emotional body over time.  Finally consider when you manifested something almost instantly into the physical world.  You were on!  This reflects a clear, clean, and precise mental, causal, and spiritual body that was aligned to your thought and intention.

All of these examples we will be working on with the Divine, Our Guides and Teachers, the Arcturians, and Our Higher Self to make these patterns a consistant way we show up in the world.

1) Transmission 01-Youthfulness and Beauty.  Here we work specifically with the Divine and Arcturian energies to cleanse and energize the etheric body.  We slowly and consistently open the channels and chakras so that they have fast moving and clean prana.  This gives rise to that glow emanating from the energy body.  Beside the 1 hour transmission to access these patterns, energies, and frequencies; we will learn breathing exercises to fill our etheric body with fresh and life giving prana.

2) Transmission 02-Inner Radiance-Here we work specifically to cleanse and energize the emotional body.  Our emotions are energy.  When they are positive and high frequency they show up in the astral world as bright and radiant colors.  When we work to clear lower vibratory frequency emotions out of our emotional body like guilt, fear, and anger; our aura brightens.  When we fill the emotional body with positive emotional states such as trust, loving kindness, compassion, and joy; the aura turns into a beautiful rainbow of colors.  This transmission will assist us in laying down these positive emotional patterns in the emotional body.

3) Transmission 03-Prosperity and Abundance. Here we work with rapid materialization of thought forms, intentions, and ideas.  Imagine the mental body, the causal body, and the spiritual body as three segments of a pipe.  When all three segments of the pipe are clear and aligned the thought forms from the Divine can manifest straight through into physical reality similar to water flowing straight through from one end of the pipe to the other.  This transmission assists us in keeping all three segments (mental, causal, and spiritual bodies) clear, strong, and energized so that the divine thoughts we hold can manifest quickly into reality.

During each of the three segments, we will also go over practical tips, exercises, practices, and ideas to put the transmission energies and patterns into reality.  Also, we will have ample time to share and unpack your insights within a supportive group structure.