Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Thrive Transmissions

Mastery Empowerment Course: Gene's Latest Arcturian Transmissions


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Please join us for this series of three special empowerments meant to upgrade our life, our enjoyment of what we have, and the acquiring of new skills, opportunities, and abundance.  The Arcturian Thrive Transmissions is meant to focus on three key areas of our life: 1) Wealth 2) Health and 3) Time.  When these three areas of our life are full and in abundance, we can share with others and the environment we live in.  The three sessions are meant to fill our seven subtle bodies and consciousness with the opportunities, energetic information, and karmic cause and effect to materialize this abundance in our life.
Below is a summary of each transmission and session:
1) Wealth-here we focus not only on multi-dimensional wealth and abundance but also on the opportunities to spend this abundance on experiences that are meaningful to the personality and soul.  We will clear and energize each of the subtle bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine in a unique and special transmission from the Divine, Our Guides and Teachers, and the Arcturians.  We also focus on Awe in our life-the wonderment and amazement of life’s experiences both big and small.
2) Heath-here we balance our elements and empower the seven subte vehicles so that they can be used by our soul and I AM Presence to get the most out of life. We utilize this precious opportunity during our stay on the planet to learn, grow, enjoy, and enrich ourselves, others, and the space we live in.  This transmission will help heal any symptoms as well as allow us to go above the norm and live a super filled life of abundance, health, and happiness.  We also focus on having the energy to accomplish all we set out to do.
3) Time-in this transmission we come to understand and work with time on all levels.  We empower our consciousness to enter timeless dimensions while still holding a busy schedule.  We connect to others and important experiences and relationships in our lives.  We don’t take insults and injuries personally and become a radiatory being of light and wisdom for others.  We enter multi-dimensional time and learn to connect to the wisdom of our guides and higher self.
Please join us for these interactive and enriching sessions where we become closer to our I AM Presence, the community of like minded friends on the path, and the Higher Beings serving the planet.
Everyone who registers will be included in the energy of the session and receive the recordings after each session.

Enjoy this Bonus with this Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: the Arcturian Good Luck Transmissions

Have you ever felt lucky?  What are the energetic principles and consciousness factors that make life lucky and in the flow?  Here we are taking manifestation to a whole new level by working with the Arcturian Consciousness and Energy to take luck and positive energy and intention to a multi-dimensional level.  We will be tuning into this energy and consciousness through three separate Arcturian Good Luck Transmissions.  These transmissions are meant to make us positive in intentions and create a field of awareness, intelligence, and insight that capitalizes on the flow inherent in the Universe.  When we are in this state and flow, good things happen.

Day 1: Transmission One for Good Luck on the Physical and Etheric Levels-here we work with factors that come together to help manifest wealth, abundance, and good circumstances.  When we experience auspicious events we realize how many interdependent factors had to come together to make such an event possible.  Then we realize we have an inherent intelligence that allows such events and synchronicities to occur naturally and effortlessly.  This transmission will bring this ability on-line on both the physical and etheric levels.

Day 2: Transmission Two for Good Luck on the Emotional and Mental Levels-here we work for that positive pliancy and good vibe feeling we get when we know things are going right.  There is an alignment in both our mind and heart when we feel this way.  This transmission works with the Arcturian Energies and Consciousness to stabilize this good feeling and thought field into our regular field of awareness.  This is an ability and skill that can be taught and stabilized throughout the day.  We will also cover techniques to make this happen.

Day 3: Transmission Three for Good Luck on the Causal, Spiritual, and Divine Levels-here we take our manifesting and good luck to a whole new level.  We work with the karmic imprints of good fortune, our soul destiny and life path, and align this with the Unified Field, God, Love, and/or Source.  When we have this alignment our soul manifests just the proper karmic cause and effect blueprints to get the most out of life and existence on any level.  We learn from all experiences because rather than seeking to get from others, experiences, or conditions; we become a radiant Source of Light that provides nourishment and encouragement on all levels.  The Arcturian Energies and Consciousness will stabilize this awareness and state of consciousness in our Field.

Join us for this powerful set of transmissions meant to turn your Life around and set it on a new course of abundance and radiance.  We will have ample time to unpack people’s experience with these energies through group sharing and a group Flow.  Also, we will learn practical techniques of good luck and manifestation that will bring needed benefit into our lives for ourselves, our loved ones, those we meet and serve, and the greater environment.

All participants will receive the mp3 recordings to work with the material at their own time, schedule and for further review.  Please join us for this positive Field of possibilities, flow, and fortune.