Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Rainbow Transmission

Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Rainbow Transmission


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Please join us for this deep dive into color band healing with the Arcturians.  We will be exploring the 12 color bands through the lens of the Arcturian Healing and Consciousness.  Each day we will be exposed to four different energetic colors.  The various colors are fundamental frequencies which shift consciousness and alter our reality in unique ways.  This Mastery Empowerment class is a way to explore these fundamental frequencies and manifest the unique life and joy in our environment which emanates from these color frequencies.

Day 01: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green

During this first day we explore the color bands of Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green.  Red is the wavelength of passion, energy, and manifestation.  Orange allows us to bring joy, happiness, and clearing in our lives.  Yellow allows for healing of bones and ligaments and energizes our nervous system.  Green allows clearing and cleansing on all levels.

Day 02: Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Ultraviolet

Here we ascend to higher frequencies of light.  Blue allows us to contain etheric energies and cool down from unwanted activations.  Indigo helps us in the alchemy of spiritual development.  Violet allows us to manifest spirit into our lives.  Ultraviolet cleanses at an even higher level than the green band and also allows for the atmosphere of the angels to descend.

Day 03: Black, White, Infra-red, and Negative Green

Here we work with the unique color bands that are considered invisible.  We work with white to bring through all the color frequencies at once.  We work with black for the womb of creation and to enter the Void.  Infra-red is the color band of manifestation and creation from the invisible world to the visible world.  Finally, we encounter Negative Green, a recently identified color band which allows for spiritual transmission and the movement of energy and information through time and space.

This training will open us up to seeing the visible and invisible world in a whole new light and also allow us to create on many unique and creative levels.

Everyone who registers will be included in the energy of each session and receive the mp3 and mp4 recordings.

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Building the Immortal Body of Light


In this new Mastery Empowerment Course, we will be utilizing the brand new Arcturian Healing Method Level 11 frequencies to build your Immortal Body of Light.  The Immortal Body of Light is an astral structure that you create with your intention, imagination, and pranic winds that defies the shattering of the subtle bodies at the time of physical death.  You can use this astral vehicle to travel during your life in the astral worlds, also while dreaming, and finally in-between lifetimes.  These new frequencies are part of the downloads that will be occurring for the Arcturian Healing Method Level 11 that will occur during the Winter Solstice 2022.  This is the first time these frequencies will be used in a public setting.

Below is the description of the three days, the processes used, and the frequencies that you will be exposed to.

Session 01:  Building the Immortal Body of Light’s Central Channel, Microcosmic Orbit, Brain and Spinal Cord.  Below are the frequencies used during this session.

1) Arcturian Divine Forms Frequency for the Central Channel-This frequency will build fully the central channel of energy in the IBOL.

2) Arcturian Divine Forms Frequency for the Microcosmic Orbit-This frequency will build the Microcosmic Orbit in the IBOL which consists of the front channel (Conception Vessel) and the back channel (Governor Vessel).

3) Arcturian Divine Forms Frequency for the Brain and Spinal Cord-This frequency builds an astral brain and spinal cord in the IBOL.  This allows a more full transfer of consciousness into the IBOL.

Session 02:  Building the Immortal Body of Light’s 5 Yin Organs and Senses.  Below are the frequencies used during the session.

4) Arcturian Divine Forms Frequency for the Organs-This frequency builds in the IBOL a body of light version of the kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, and lungs (the 5 yin organs).

5) Arcturian Divine Forms Frequency for the Senses-This frequency builds the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth of the IBOL for complete sensing.

Session 03:  Building the Immortal Body of Light’s Transpersonal and Thunder Chakra (chaka right beneath the root chakra).  Below are the frequencies used during the session.

6) Arcturian Divine Forms Frequency for the Transpersonal Chakras-This frequency builds the upper and lower transpersonal chakras in the IBOL.

7) Arcturian Divine Forms Frequency for the Thunder Chakra-This frequency builds the Thunder Chakra in the IBOL.

Also as part of the third session, we will go over the Microcosmic Orbit meditation that you can perform inside your Immortal Body of Light in order to continue to charge and build this astral structure.

Also, during each session, we will have ample time for discussion and unpacking of each transmission.