Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Quantum Multiverse Transmissions

Mastery Empowerment Course: Gene's Latest Transmission


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Please join us in this fascinating journey and experience of our simultaneous lives in other dimensions and other times.  Quantum Mechanics and String Theory suggests that we have infinite lives in various dimensions based on every decision that we possibly make.  When we choose one path in this life, the other path still exists but in another dimension.  This leads to infinite versions of ourselves living these other possible lives.  There is also the idea that we are actually one version of various incarnations that are all occurring simultaneously in reference to our Oversoul.  This Oversoul exists beyond space and time.  It descends a portion of its energy and consciousness to various incarnations that are occurring in various space and time coordinates.  However, all these incarnations are occurring at the same time in reference to the Oversoul and every effect of one incarnation affects the other incarnations simultaneously.

In these series of transmission and consciousness practices, we will be accessing these infinite timelines and simultaneous incarnations to affect our current life and Oversoul.

Session 01: We start by accessing past lives in regards to this incarnation.  We both receive information as well as change decisions and directions in those past incarnations or past time points in this life.  This is a fluid and creative way to change the space time matrix and our experience of it.  The underlying assumption is that the past is not set in stone but is fluid and open to change.  We will learn consciousness techniques to access our past selves and influence and change these past experiences for the better.

Session 02: In the second session, we will be focusing on parallel lives and also alternate lives that we could have lived if we had chosen another path.  We will receive both the information and energy that can help us in this timeline from these other parallel timelines and lives.  In addition, we will influence those other timelines and parallel incarnations now.  We will also learn to sense when these parallel timelines and incarnations are influencing our current timeline and incarnation.

Session 03: Finally, in the third session we will tune into future lifetimes and both receive energy and information from these future incarnations and timelines as well as influence those future times now.  The exchange is a two way interaction that we will take advantage of for maximum creativity and benefit.  We will also incubate dreams to access these futures as well as past and parallel lives.

Each transmission on each day will be 45 minutes followed by techniques to actively work with our various selves in the multiverse of past, parallel, and future lives all occurring now.  This new framework of living is a dynamic and holistic way to interact with more of the Universe and the Intelligences that make up this Universe.

Everyone who participates will be included in the energy of the sessions and receive the mp3 and mp4 recordings.

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Waking Down Transmissions

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Please join us for this deep dive into color band healing with the Arcturians.  We will be exploring the 12 color bands through the lens of the Arcturian Healing and Consciousness.  Each day we will be exposed to four different energetic colors.  The various colors are fundamental frequencies which shift consciousness and alter our reality in unique ways.  This Mastery Empowerment class is a way to explore these fundamental frequencies and manifest the unique life and joy in our environment which emanates from these color frequencies.

Day 01: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green

During this first day we explore the color bands of Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green.  Red is the wavelength of passion, energy, and manifestation.  Orange allows us to bring joy, happiness, and clearing in our lives.  Yellow allows for healing of bones and ligaments and energizes our nervous system.  Green allows clearing and cleansing on all levels.

Day 02: Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Ultraviolet

Here we ascend to higher frequencies of light.  Blue allows us to contain etheric energies and cool down from unwanted activations.  Indigo helps us in the alchemy of spiritual development.  Violet allows us to manifest spirit into our lives.  Ultraviolet cleanses at an even higher level than the green band and also allows for the atmosphere of the angels to descend.

Day 03: Black, White, Infra-red, and Negative Green

Here we work with the unique color bands that are considered invisible.  We work with white to bring through all the color frequencies at once.  We work with black for the womb of creation and to enter the Void.  Infra-red is the color band of manifestation and creation from the invisible world to the visible world.  Finally, we encounter Negative Green, a recently identified color band which allows for spiritual transmission and the movement of energy and information through time and space.

This training will open us up to seeing the visible and invisible world in a whole new light and also allow us to create on many unique and creative levels.

Everyone who registers will be included in the energy of each session and receive the mp3 and mp4 recordings.